The target searching features of ASIAIR are very powerful and easy to use. No need to switch to another software to find the star anymore. Since ASIAIR’s 1.0.7 version, you just need to take 3 simple steps to find your target.


First, you need to click Choose Object, then select your imaging target tonight.


Confirm your target.

We can start now!


Step one: Press GOTO. The equatorial mount will automatically rotate and eventually point towards the target.



Step two: Take a photo and Plate Solve it. The software will automatically calculate the current RA and Dec value. Press Sync Mount to synchronize the data to the equatorial mount.



Step three: Choose GoTo again to let the mount correct the deviation.



Done. The target is in the center of your FOV. You can formally start photography now. Easy, right?


ASIAIR makes astrophotography so easy.

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    I want to use this technique but I have a push-to Mount (iOptron SkyGuider Pro). To find the object, I would like to key it in (e.g. M31) and point near the object and plate solve. Then you would tell me manual (push to) adjustments (in RA and Dec). I would then move the mount and platesolve again. I would repeat this process until I located the object. Is this possible?


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    I also think the Named Star data base is lacking. Yes, I found Vega and Altair, but I did not find Albireo or Sadr. Sadr, in particular would have been helpful for imaging the nebulae in that area.

    Is there a list of the objects in the database somewhere?


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    Hello, I used my air pro the other night and found that there were very few named stars I. It’s database. I wanted to spew to vega to focus etc but it wasn’t listed! Please can you update the catalogues and/or have some ability to search the internet for the object entered ? It would make this device even more brilliant!



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    I see two issues with using this otherwise very convinient engine. Both of them are probably easy to fix. First there is no name search for DSO. All you could do is to enter NGC or IC number which I don’t always have on top of my head. So I have to open another sofrware to find the number. Second the search engine is not available when shooting. Ironically this is the time when you have the time to play with the engine in search of a new object.


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      1.You could set up a custom list to add objects to this list in advance.
      2.You could search a new object when shooting, but can not select “GoTo” in order to prevent shooting fail.


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    With this method, do I still need to use SkySafari to get a target?
    If yes, the only steps before to start imaging are only : focus, polar align, this method and then imaging?

    Thanks for the answers! I’m a begginer =)


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    Does this also work with a 1400mm focal length and ASI174MM?




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