As we are sure you are aware, there are lots of different brands of mounts out there, each with different ways of connecting to a computer. This has caused a lot of confusion with needing different cables, adapters and software to run mounts.

asiair vs other device


However, ZWO have the perfect solution, the ASIAIR. Compatible with the four major methods of connecting mounts to a computer (serial port, EQMOD, WIFI and USB).


1. Serial port connection method


CEM25P/EC, ZEQ25, iEQ30, iEQ45, etc. When using serial port connection, two data cables are required to connect ASIAIR and equatorial mount hand controller (as shown above). Select the corresponding equatorial mount model in ASIAIR’s equatorial setup with a baud rate of 9600.

Note: ZEQ25 must stay on the menu page and accept the command connection successfully. After entering the menu, it cannot receive the control command from the serial port.


Mounts like the CEM60 also uses two serial port cables, shown above. The difference between this mount and the previous is that you can bypass the hand controller and instead plug directly into the mount.

In the ASIAIR setup, select CEM60 in the equatorial mount model selection screen and set the baud rate to 9600.


2. EQMOD connection method


EQMOD has some advantages over the previous examples, being that you only need one cable and no hand controller.

Simply select EQMOD in the ASIAIR setup screen. You can straight away use the mount without even doing a 1-star alignment.


3. WiFi connection method


To use a wifi connection you must first set the WiFi parameters in the SynScan App. After this you can connect the mount the ASIAIR’s WiFi and select the static IP address,

In the ASIAIR setup, again you select EQMOD protocol and connect via port 11880 UDP.


4. USB connection method


Similar to the EQMOD, this method only requires one cable and no hand controller.

In the ASIAIR setup screen, you select the mount model and then the baud rate which for the CEM120 is 9600 and the CEM40 is 115200.


93 Responses to How to connect your mount to a computer? It’s easy with the ASIAIR!
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    The connection of the iOptron CEM 70 is often interrupted. Maybe I’m doing something wrong.
    I have AsiAir plus connected to USB 2 and USB 2 type b. Original cable that is available with AAP.
    I have CEM 70 in AAP selected.
    HC is not switched on at the same time.
    I am asking for precise instructions for the connection so that it will be stable without interruptions and subsequent resetting during recording.


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    Can I connect wireless an iOptron iEQ30Pro mount with the iOptron StarFi Wifi adapter, to an AsiairPro?


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    I have an iOptron GEM28 and would like to connect to the mount bypassing the hand controller, which often reverses longitude. I have a Shoestring EQDIR 6-pin cable that matches the hand controller HBX port, but even trying various baud settings it won’t connect. Is there a direct EQMOD connection arrangement for the AAP to GEM28? Can it be done wirelessly? Also, your fourth diagram in the article 4. USB Connection Method says “Similar to the EQMOD, this method only requires one cable and no hand controller.” yet show a hand controller in the connection diagram. What does the USB cable connect to?


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    J ai une eqm35
    Je n’ai que le câble usb2 comme moyen de connections avec l’asir plus.
    Sur l’application, cette connection entre l’asi air et la monture par le câble usb2 est pris en compte puisque c’est marqué ”connecté ”
    Mais impossible de se connecter.
    J’ignore quel configuration choisir, eqmount ? Skywatcher synscan ? Synscan?
    J’ignore aussi quel valeur baud mettre?


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    Does the AsiAir Pro support Skywatcher Adventure 2i and Canon EOS T3 / 1100D connected via mini-USB to the Pro?

    Can the Canon Camera then be used to confirm manual Polar Alignment?

    After this is connected and setup, can the AsiPro can then slew the Skywatcher tracker and perform all your advertised features such as plating and stacking?


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    Hi, yesterday I tried to connect ASIAIR Pro to my mount (Sky Watcher AZ-GTi) via an EQMOD cable but failed. The baud rate was set to 9600 (in fact, I tried all values). Could you suggest me what to do next? I also tried changing the order of powering-on of the mount and ASIAIR Pro. I also tried using Sky Watcher’s Sync Scan APP to set AZ-GTi to EQ mode first before making a connection in ASIAIR APP (turning on the button in the Telescope setting)


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    Has anyone got the eqm 35 pro to work with aisair pro with usb connection to the controller itself, have I made it work once in about 40 attempts or do you have to use eqmode cable grateful for the answer thank you


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    Hi, I can’t get my ASIAIR Pro to connect to iOptron CEM40 via USB. 2 options for this mount appear in the drop down:-

    iOptronCEM40/GEM45 HC-FW 210101+

    iOptron CEM40/GEM45 HC-FW old

    I’ve also tried all the other iOptron mount options, nothing connects.

    Thanks, Brian


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    What cable do I use to connect a Nikon D7200 DSLR on a Paramount MX mount to an ASI Air Pro?


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    Which EXACT cable do I need to connect a D7200 Nikon DSLR to the ASIAir Pro. I plan in the future months to move over to my ASI 2600 CMOS camera. However, for now, I need to use my Nikon D7200. But I need the correct cable for that camera to plus into the port on the Air Pro. Please help.

    Tim J


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    Trying to connect CEM 26 (not EC) to ASIair v1.
    hi sorry it’s not happening. I,ve got the WIFI station mode to be HBX as shown, the ASI air hotspot,2.4G , WIFI station mode HBX.
    Then however it’s Ethernet,IP 10.0.x.x port 4030 ,TCP
    Don’t want to put up address in ?
    But comes up connection failed.

    It’s the CEM 26. Not the CEM 26 ec. Don’t know if that matters.


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    Hi. I’m trying to connect my ASIAir Pro to my SkyWatcher 300P Dobsonian via the SynScan handset. I’m using the supplied USB to Serial adapter and serial cable to the V5 SynScan handset. I select Synscan from the list, but no matter what baud rate I try it will not connect. I tried the SynScan Beta as well, but that does not work either. What am I doing wrong please?


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    Hi there, I have a Ioptron Zeq 25 GT and I didn’t understand how to proper connect the mount to the Asi Air Pro. Is the Serial port connection method the only way to connect them ? The EQ Mod connection cable isn’t possible to exploite? Thanks


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    Hi, I’m trying to connect ASIAIR Pro to Skywatcher EQ6-R mount over WiFi using the SynScan WiFi dongle. Is this possible?

    I’ve enabled station mode on the SynScan dongle with SSID “ASIAIR_Dev.Fei”. I have the ASIAIR set to station mode & am trying to connect to the mount using “EQMod Mount” on IP & Port 11880 UDP.

    Thanks for any help.


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    Celestron CGX-L, ASIair Pro and EQMOD

    Is this combination a workable system ???


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      1. Mount->Nexstar hand controller USB mini B port-> ASIAIR USB port.
      Choose serial port, baud rate 9600.
      2. You can also connect via RJ-RS232 -> USB-RS232.
      3.If you want EQMOD, please use SkyWatcher.


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    Hi Zwo team, can you advise me on the procedure to connect asiair pro to AVX with sky portal wifi adaptor. Thanks


  17. Avatar

    Trying to connect the ASIair Pro to iOpton ZEQ25GT with the Serial port connection method. I get connection failed every time. I have selected proper mount with 9600 Baud




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