Photographing deep space objects is a very fulfilling activity, also a very hard technical challenge. The high requirements troubled so many newcomers before. But as the launch of ASIAIR, everything changed! Deep space photography is fun and easy now!   Traditional deep space photography equipment: There are so many cables between equipment and laptop. You have nowhere to place the laptop unless […]

The target searching features of ASIAIR are very powerful and easy to use. No need to switch to another software to find the star anymore. Since ASIAIR’s 1.0.7 version, you just need to take 3 simple steps to find your target.   First, you need to click Choose Object, then select your imaging target tonight. Confirm […]

ZWO, the worldwide leading supplier of astrophotography equipment, announces the immediate availability of ASIAIR 1.0.8. As a revolutionary product in DSO astrophotography, ASIAIR has been received popular recognition and highly praised by users since its release. Listening to our customer’s feedback and continuously improving the user experience is the philosophy that ZWO has always insisted […]

Written by: Tim Connolly | Image collected by : ZWO   Tim Connolly, a close friend of ZWO from the United States who loves astronomy. Imaging comets has never been as easy thanks to the ZWO ASIAIR.  With the accuracy of SkySafari’s database of Comets, combined with the ASIAIR’s plate solving, locating comets has never been so simple and fun to do. On the night of December 7, 2018, under the sky of a clear moonless night, […]

December 4, 2018|Camera|10 Comments | Reproduced from the author: AstroBackyard As many of you know, when it comes to capturing astrophotography images, I tend to do things “the hard way” more often than I should. This includes everything from a manual 3-star alignment to carrying my astrophotography gear in and out of the garage night […]