To enhance our amateurs’ abilities of astro-observation and astrophotography, to stimulate the public’s imagination and creativity, and to better feel the beauty of the stars, universe and science. We have the ASIWEEK ASTROPHOTOGRAPHY CONTEST now. We sincerely invite global astronomers and photographers to participate.

Here are the fantastic works from the fifth edition of 2020 ASIWEEK ASTROPHOTOGRAPHY COMPETITION. Let’s take a look!

It is Roberto Marchen and his target M78 captured with ZWO ASI1600MM Cool that won the championship.


The winning entry:

Photographer: Roberto Marchen

Target: M78


Equipment: ZWO ASI1600MM Cool + Newton 200/f5

Light: 70 x 120s, RGB: 25 x 120s, Gain: 139

About the camera:

ZWO ASI1600MM Pro $1,280.00


Note: The ASI1600MM Cool is discontinued, thus we recommend you the ASI1600MM Pro camera

Entries from other photographers:

Photographer: ‎John Robinson‎ 

Target: Rosette Nebula

Rosette Nebula-ZWO-ASI1600MM

Equipment: ZWO ASI1600MM + 3nm Astrodon filters + Esprit 120ED

Photographer: ‎Kong Yangshik

Target: California Nebula

California Nebula-ZWO-ASI1600MMPro


Equipment: ASI1600MM Pro + RainbwoAstro RST-135 + FSQ106 OAG ASI120mm mini + Astronomik Ha 6nm

Ha: 138 x 400s (Gain: 200, -20°C), RGB: 42 x 600s

Total exposure time: 22hr 20m

Photographer: ‎Tommaso Massimo Stella

Target: Heart Nebula

Heart Nebula-ZWO-ASI294MC PRO

Equipment: ZWO ASI294MC Pro + TS PhotoLine 72/432 + Skywatcher AZ-EQ6 GT + ASI224MC + Ultraguide 60 + Optolong L-Enhance

Light: 121 x 300s, Gain:250(-10°C), Dark: 57, Flat: 45

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