To enhance our amateurs’ abilities of astro-observation and astrophotography, to stimulate the public’s imagination and creativity, and to better feel the beauty of the stars, universe and science. We have the ASIWEEK ASTROPHOTOGRAPHY CONTEST now. We sincerely invite global astronomers and photographers to participate.

Here are the fantastic works from the sixth edition of 2020 ASIWEEK ASTROPHOTOGRAPHY COMPETITION. Let’s take a look!

It is Aziz Astro and his target Dolphin Nebula captured with ZWO ASI1600MM Pro that won the championship.

The winning entry:

Photographer: Aziz Astro

Target: Dolphin Nebula


Equipment: Apo astrographe TS 102mm F5.1 + AZ EQ6GT + ZWO ASI1600MM Pro

Integration time: 9h 6min

About the camera:

ZWO ASI1600MM Pro $1,280.00



Entries from other photographers:

Photographer: ‎Menezes FO‎ 

Target: Horsehead Nebula


Equipment: APO TS 80MM + ASI1600MM Cool + ASIAIR

Bin2 G: 10 x 200s, Bin2 B:4 x 200s, Bin2 R:15 x 200s, Bin2 L:20 x 300s


Photographer: ‎Ben Marks 

Target: NGC2359


Equipment: 8” Quattro Newtonian + Skywatcher EQ6-R + ASI1600MM Pro

Ha 5nm: 43x180s, OIII 3nm: 30x180s, RGB each channel: 60x10s


Photographer: ‎Roland Ivan

Target: M42


Equipment: Celestron RASA 11 + CEM60 + ASI294MC Pro + ASIAIR + ASI120MM Mini

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