ZWO ASIWEEK Picture of the WEEK Competition is an international contest open to all astrophotography lovers who are in possession of ASI cameras. It is held every week in the Facebook ZWO ASI Cameras group. Hundreds, and thousands of breathtaking astrophotos have been exhibited to the public ever since it was started in 2019 for the first edition. To thank all the participants for their hard work, and to show more people the beauty of the universe, here we include some of the images of each edition and reveal the equipment and acquisition information. Hope we are having more and more amateurs joining in the community in the future.


The winner of ASIWEEK #25/2021 is Philip Smith. Congratulations!



Photographer: Philip Smith | Target: ISS and Tianhe-1

Equipment: Edge HD 14 ′′ + ZWO ASI174MM + Baader Planetarium Carl Zeiss 1-1/4″ 2x Barlow Lens + 1.25″ Baader Red 610nm Longpass Filter


About the Camera:

ZWO ASI174MM, $599.00


Entries of this week from other astrophotographers

#25 picture2

Photographer: Luke Shepherd | Target: NGC 6188

Equipment: Astronomy Academy Perth Hypertuned NEQ6 + Sky-Watcher 10″ F4 Quattro Newtonian + ZWO ASI1600MM


#25 picture3

Photographer: Andy Casely | Target: Saturn

Equipment: Celestron C14 + ZWO ASI290MM


#25 picture4

Photographer: Conrado Serodio | Target: Jupiter

Equipment: GSO 305mm @ f/20 + ZWO ASI224MC



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