To enhance our amateurs’ abilities of astro-observation and astrophotography, to stimulate the public’s imagination and creativity, and to better feel the beauty of the stars, universe and science. We have the ASIWEEK ASTROPHOTOGRAPHY CONTEST now. We sincerely invite global astronomers and photographers to participate.

Here are the fantastic works from the 46th edition of 2019 ASIWEEK ASTROPHOTOGRAPHY COMPETITION. Let’s take a look!

It is Matej Mihelčič and his target Transit of Mercury captured with ZWO ASI174MM that won the championship.


The winning entry:

Photographer: Matej Mihelčič

Target: Transit of Mercury


Equipment: ZWO ASI174MM + AS150@3870mm

About the camera:

ASI174MM $599.00(Sale Now: $539.10)


Entries from other photographers:

Photographer: Amrit Seecharan

Target: Transit of Mercury


Equipment: ZWO ASI224MC + Celestron 9.25 SCT + 2X Teleconverter + Baader 5.0 solar filter

Photographer: Kong Yangshik

Target: IC 405(Framing Star Nebula)


Equipment: ZWO ASI1600MM + RainbwoAstro RST-135 + Baader LRGB, Astronomik Ha 6nm + ASI120MM mini

Ha : 300s x 44 (Gain: 200, -20ºC)

L : 180s x 143 (Gain: 76, -20ºC)

RGB : 180s x 159 (Gain: 76, -20ºC)

Total exposure time: 18hr 46m

Photographer: Chuck Ayoub

Target: Sharpless 2-240 (Spaghetti Nebula)


Equipment: ZWO ASI1600MM Pro + Orion ED80T CF + EQ6-R Pro + ZWO 60mm Guide Scope + ZWO ASI224MC + Orion 0.8x Reducer

Optolong Ha: 159×240″ (gain: 139, offset: 21)

Optolong OIII: 130×240″ (gain: 75, offset: 15)

Darks: 50, Bias: 200, Flats: 50

Total exposure time: 19hr 27m


And A Good News:

We are planning to make an Astrophotography Calendar for the year 2020. All images included in the calendar will be from the ASIWEEK event. It will be available soon if everything works fine, please stay tuned!


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