Astro Bio's

Victor Van Puyenbroeck is the winner of ZWO 2019 ASIWEEK #31 and has brought us many extraordinary astronomy photos. To make our ZWOers know this excellent astrophotographer better, we make this interview. Let’s all take a look now.   Q1: Hi,Victor. Congratulations! Your work won the ASIWEEK Astrophotography Competition #31. Could you introduce yourself to everyone? Hi, my […]

Our astronomical master series ushered in a consequential man in the field of astronomy, Darryl from Australia. Although he is nearly 70 years old,  he still keeps a childlike heart (astronomy enthusiast) and eneretic all the time. (It’s also a challenge even for many young people to  take the heavy equatorial mount and the C14 out for planetary imaging). From ZWO ASI120MM camera, Darryl witness the growth of ZWO, he has almost all ZWO planetary cameras: ASI120MM ASI120MM-S,ASI224MC, ASI290MM, ASI174MM, the current main equipment of his is C14 and ASI224MC,ASI290MM. How great Darryl is and how important he means to ZWO, let’s keep reading ; ) Q1: Hi,Darryl. Could you introduce yourself for everyone? “Hi” to the readers here: I am almost 70 years old & my wife & I are very active “hi-res” planetary imagers who live in South Australia. Although I have always been interested (even obsessed!) with the night sky we were […]

Martin Lewis A Planetary Imager and Astrophotographer from the UK.             Martin has loved astronomy since he was a child, and has 50 years of rich experience in astronomical observation. He has amazing capabilities in planetary photography, especially in the imaging of Venus, almost nobody can reach his achievement. In this year’s Greenwich […]