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My sun animation has been selected as the NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day (APOD) for June 18, 2018. This prominence was captured with the ASI183MM camera and Daystar Quark. Below is a complete list of the hardware and software.

List of the hardware and software
Imaging TelescopeOrion ED80T CF
Imaging CameraZWO ASI183MM (non-cooled)
FilterDaystar Quark (chromosphere)
FocuserMoonLite Electronic-Focuser
MountCelestron AVX Capture
SoftwareSharpCap 3.1
Stacking SoftwareAutoStakkert 3.0.14
Post ProcessingPixInsight, PhotoShop, ImPPG
Stacking SoftwareAutoStakkert 3.0.14
2 Responses to Chuck’s image has been selected For APOD!
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    Hello Chuck! You mentioned in one of your videos a weather link you use to track clouds on your laptop. Could you pass that along? Thanks!!


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      Here is ZWO,and Chuck’s image has been selected For APOD with ZWO. I suggest you leave a message in Chuck’s facebook for the weather link




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