Every single one of amateur astrophotographer is so fascinated by the vast expanse of the night sky. Even with huge distances, it cannot stop us from exploring the star and would not douse our yearning. Imagine, after one or several nights of setting up gear, data acquisition and post-processing, then, a stunning picture beyond words that reveals distant celestial objects millions of light years far away from us is captured by you! Terribly attractive, got to say.

As the AM5 launched early this year, ten months have passed up to now. Therefore, we would like to pay a satisfactory answer for the majority of customers and friends of the community before the Black Friday came. We gather some fantastic works captured by worldwide AM5 users from the social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Astrobin. Action speaks louder than words, so let’s see what they have achieved with AM5!

Photographer: Tony-Hector Debuc


IC5070. Askar Fra 500 + ZWO ASI533MC Pro + ZWO AM5 + ZWO ASI120MM Mini + ASIAIR PRO. Integration: 1.67hours.

For details: https://bit.ly/3DQsXIO

2NGC7000 Cygnus wall. Askar Fra 500+ ZWO ASI533MC Pro + ZWO AM5 + ZWO ASI120MM Mini + ASIAIR PRO. Integration: 5hours.

For details: https://bit.ly/3Duq8Mn


Tony-Hector Debuc’s setup photo▲

Photographer: Deepak Sureshkumar


Andromey Galaxy. RedCat 51 II APO 250mm f/4.9 + ZWO ASI2600MC Pro + ZWO AM5 + ASIAIR. Integration: 3.5hours.

For details: https://bit.ly/3SYbP8t 


Deepak Sureshkumar’s setup photo

Photographer: Harold Soto


M31. RedCat 51 + ZWO ASI2600MC Pro + ZWO AM5 + ASIAIR Plus. Integration: 6hours.

For details: https://bit.ly/3fqhpma


Cygnus. RedCat 51 + ZWO ASI2600MC Pro + ZWO AM5 + ASIAIR Plus. Integration: 3hours. Bortle 4 sky.

For details: https://bit.ly/3SYo30H

Photographer: TJ Connolly


Elephant Trunk (IC396). StarField Optics Géar 80 (0.8x reducer at a FL of 384mm) + ZWO ASI2600MM Pro + ZWO AM5 + ASIAIR Plus.

For details: https://bit.ly/3FC7Zid


TJ Connolly’s setup photo▲

Photographer: David Norris


NGC 7000. Askar FRA400 72mm f/5.6 Quintuplet Petzval Flat-Field Astrograph + ZWO ASI2600MC Pro + ZWO AM5 + ZWO ASIAIR Plus + ZWO EAF + William Optics 50mm UniGuide + ZWO ASI290MM Mini. Bortle 5 sky.

For details: https://bit.ly/3zwNW0T

Photographer: Nicolas MP


Tarantula Nebula. Celestron hd edge 9.25 with reducer + ZWO ASI533MC Pro + ZWO AM5 + ZWO OAG-L + ZWO ASI174MM. Bortle 7 sky. Integration: 7hours.

For details: https://bit.ly/3fmXMeZ

Photographer: Adrian Astro


Cygnus. Optics Redcat 51 + ZWO ASI294MC Pro + ZWO AM5 + ASIAIR + Svbony SV165 30/120 + ZWO ASI120MM-S. Bortle 7 skies. Integration: 10.5hours. For details: http://bit.ly/3DUxFWf


Adrian Astro’s setup photo▲

Photographer: Tomas Dobrovodsky


Cygnus Wall (NGC 7000). LACERTA 8″ Photo-newton (200/800) + ZWO ASI183MM Pro + ZWO AM5. Bortle 4 skies.

For details: https://bit.ly/3UfHoLZ

Photographer: Andrew Hayes


NGC 2070 Tarantula Nebula Starless. Gran Turismo 71 / GT71 + ZWO ASI294MC Pro + ZWO AM5 + ZWO ASIAIR Plus + ZWO EAF + UniGuide 50 + ZWO ASI290MM Mini. Integration: 6h.

For details: http://bit.ly/3DBgaca

Photographer: Willem Witteveen


Wolf Rayet 134. Redcat 51 + ZWO ASI533MC Pro + ZWO AM5 + ASIAIR Plus + ZWO EAF + William Optics UniGuide 32 + ZWO ASI120MM Mini. Integration:3h. Bortle 8 skies.

For details: http://bit.ly/3zBfi5S

Photographer: tjm8874


M42. Askar 130PHQ + ZWO ASI6200MM Pro + ZWOAM5 + ASIAIR PRO. Integration: 3h.

For details: http://bit.ly/3Wp4lhB

We are very grateful to our users for bringing these amazingly beautiful photos, meanwhile, we are looking forward to more submissions. If you have any images taken with ZWO cameras, ASIAIR or AM5, do not hesitate to share with us! We’d love to publish them on our website and our Facebook & Instagram pages!


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