by Charlie Golden

Telescope Jupiter, Saturn and the moon. Celestron C9.25 AVX mount and ZWO ASI224mc and ASI290 Jupiter, Saturn and the moon images in the Celestron C 9.25 schmidt cassegrain (sct) telescope Celestron AVX telescope mount, Celestron x-cel 3x barlow and ASI224mc and ASI290mm cameras. Subscribe to this channel for more videos of the planets and planetary captures space images and processing. The Music is Jupiter One from here on Youtube. Also, be sure to check out and subscribe to my new channel which I will be growing quickly over the next couple of months.

2 Responses to Telescope video Jupiter, Saturn and moon. Celestron C9.25 AVX mount and ZWO ASI224mc ASI290mm
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    Can you describe exactly what adapters you used to connect the ZWO cameras to the C9.25 telescope. I recently purchased an Edge HD 9.25-in scope and I have a ZWO AS120MC-s camera.


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      Hi Michael,
      The C9.25 allows for use with 1.25″ accessories,does it?
      Then you can use 1.25″ noes piece to connect to the telescope.




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