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EAF Electronic Automatic Focuser is the latest innovation from the engineers at ZWO. We believe that it will greatly help with astrophotography. It not only supports various computer software in the market, with the cooperation of ASIAIR, it also enables precise and wireless focus control through the phone for planetary and deep-sky imaging. Here is […]

To enhance our amateurs’ abilities of astro-observation and astrophotography, to stimulate the public’s imagination and creativity, and to better feel the beauty of the stars, universe and science. We have the ASIWEEK ASTROPHOTOGRAPHY now. We sincerely invite global astronomers and photographers to participate. Here are the fantastic works from the 33rd edition of 2019 ASIWEEK ASTROPHOTOGRAPHY COMPETITION. Let’s take a look! It is Christopher Sullivan and his […]

Nicola Calabrese is the winner of ZWO 2019 ASIWEEK #29 and has brought us many extraordinary astronomy photos. To make our ZWOers know this excellent astrophotographer better, we make this interview. Let’s all take a look now.   Q1: At first, congratulation that your nice image wins #ASIWEEK. Could you please introduce yourself to us?  Hi, […]

Photographing deep space objects is a very fulfilling activity, also a very hard technical challenge. The high requirements troubled so many newcomers before. But as the launch of ASIAIR, everything changed! Deep space photography is fun and easy now!   Traditional deep space photography equipment: There are so many cables between equipment and laptop. You have nowhere to place the laptop unless […]