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ASIWEEK is an international astrophotography competition hold by ZWO. Each week, we will choose a photo as the best work of this week.   Here come the works from the 24th edition of 2019 ASIWEEK ASTROPHOTOGRAPHY COMPETITION. All works are brilliant, let’s take a look now! Just to satisfy your curiosity, it is Ben Marks and his […]

You might be curious why we host this this 2019 ZWO ASIWEEK ASTROPHOTOGRAPHY COMPETITION. It’s all for enhancing our amateurs’ abilities of astro-observation and astrophotography, stimulating the public’s imagination and creativity, and better feeling the beauty of the stars, universe and science. Now it is in full swing. We sincerely invite global astronomers and photographers to participate. Here are the fantastic works from the 25th edition of 2019 ASIWEEK ASTROPHOTOGRAPHY COMPETITION. […]

The result of the 23rd ASIWEEK ASTROPHOTOGRAPHY COMPETITION has just come out.   The contest attracted many astrophotographers from different countries and regions to involve in. Thousands of entries were sent to us. Among them, we finally picked out the winner of this competition.     It is Ariel Cappelletti and the image NGC 3372(Carina Nebula) captured […]