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ASI Planet Camera Guide We have all seen incredible images of the planets online and in books and wanted to see them for ourselves. With ZWO, you can see the rings of Saturn and the great red spot on Jupiter.  ZWO is committed to providing high-quality astronomical cameras at an affordable price to enthusiasts around […]

ZWO NEAF & NEAIC In 2019 ZWO participated in our fourth consecutive NEAF. On April 2nd, 2019, the ZWO team took a 14-hour flight across the Pacific Ocean from China to New York, USA, to attend an event like NEAF and NEAIC, who wouldn’t? NEAIC starts off the weekend. NEAIC has slightly fewer people attend […]

Copyright: Woodland Hills Camera & Telescopes Daniel and Simon take a big dive into the world of Astrophotography and talk about all aspects of imaging using CMOS based cameras and some of the accessories that can go with the cameras. Featuring ZWO products such as the ASI1600MM-P, ASI174MM to the OAG, Filterwheel and much more! […]