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How to reach the 55mm back focus with ASI cameras?  The back focus is advised by the telescope manufacturers.  Since most telescopes have 55mm back focus, we are providing the detailed guidelines for all our cooled cameras. Please be noted that these are just examples for 55mm back focus,  you need to know the back focus of your reducer and flattener first and then arrange the adapters. Notice: About small format, 174, 178, 385, 290, 224, 185, etc. The pacakge does not include some adapters, please take a look at the diagram of package list in product description.   1. 4/3”, 1” and small format cooled cameras: ASI1600/294/183/533 […]

by Charlie Golden Telescope Jupiter, Saturn and the moon. Celestron C9.25 AVX mount and ZWO ASI224mc and ASI290 Jupiter, Saturn and the moon images in the Celestron C 9.25 schmidt cassegrain (sct) telescope Celestron AVX telescope mount, Celestron x-cel 3x barlow and ASI224mc and ASI290mm cameras. Subscribe to this channel for more videos of the […]

It’s my pleasure to introduce an excellent astrophotographer and also a friend of mine – Maicon Germiniani to everybody. Maicon lives in Brazil, he and I talked a lot via emails. He uses our ASI1600MM-Cool and ASI183MM Pro cameras to do deep sky imaging for years. I am surprised by his beautiful images which have nice […]