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17Oct 2017

ASI294MC Pro is the first camera in the world that equip with SONY latest sensor IMX294CJK. IMX294CJK Diagonal 21.63 mm (Type 4/3) Approx. 10.71M-Effective Pixel Color CMOS Image Sensor, This is the official description on Sony website. In our effort, we remolded it to make it Diagonal 23.2 mm (Type 4/3) Approx. 11.71M-Effective Pixel. High-Sensitivity Type […]

12Oct 2017

In this short tutorial, we will show very simple image processing by using Astro Pixel Processor. You will learn how to create a Bad Pixel Map and master calibration frames, how to register and normalize images, and how to create an integrated stack of data into a final image. The processing method was done on […]

27Sep 2017

ASI174 and ASI290 mini camera have very beautiful outlooks, small size, lighter weight, this is not a big deal. We should consider much more… How to  choose a good guide camera? Many people may say : it must be small, suitable for different equipments(guide scope, OAG), stable working. Yes, I think thoes are basic demand […]

11Sep 2017

Big Big news! ZWO offically release two brand new full  frame cameras today! They are ASI094MC Pro and ASI128MC Pro. These two cameras integrate full-frame sensor and have different features. As the flagship products of ASI series, 094 and 128 have super nice performance and reasonable price. The most important is, they are limited editions! ASI094MC […]

30Aug 2017

Total Solar Eclipse On Monday, August 21, 2017, a solar eclipse occured and the entire sequence of totality was visible from North America.  For amateur astronomers, this was a big event. How does it happen? When the moon passes between sun and earth, and blocks all or part of the sun, a solar eclipse occurs […]

24Aug 2017

At our ZWO lab, we testing very new astro images processing software Astro Pixel Processor (APP). APP has many very interesting features and some of them are very unique. Many our customers bought color DSO cameras and a very first  step for all those users during images processing is choosing the right debayer algorithm. APP […]