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In this short article, we compare two very popular cameras, ASI174 and ASI290. Particularly, we were testing the effect of the pixel size of each ASI camera. ASI174 has 5.86µm and ASI209 only 2.9µm of the pixel size. Why is pixel size so important? Camera with smaller pixel size adjusted at telescope with short focal […]

Astrography under a good astronomical seeing is the main desire for astronomers all around the world. Seeing is the most important factors for DSO or planetary image quality. Practically all professional observatories are located on locations with sub-second seeing, where seeing values are bellow 1 arcsec, but amateur astronomers are doing astrography under the sky where is the common seeing between 2 – […]

ZWO team in April 2017 visited two very popular exhibitions in US, Northeast Astro-Imaging Conference (NEAIC) and Northeast Astronomy Forum (NEAF). On both exhibition floors, we showed our products; planetary cameras , cooled cameras, filters,filter wheels and our wide range of accessories for astrography. On exhibitions, we also show two new ZWO products. We presented our Android application ASICAP which enable ASI […]

If you are looking for the mount that is small, flexible, quick to assemble, portable and enough precise for wide field photography with lens for trips under the dark sky, here is an article about it. The LighTrack II, a portable mount was made by FORNAX, a Hungarian company who is also running a very successful science […]

As we know all ASI cameras enable us small setting adjust through ASCOM camera driver such Gain and Offset. In this short article we will show you few test images how cameras setting affect on your captured image. For this test we used ASI1600MM-Cool and ASI071MC-Cool, two very popular ZWO DSO cameras. ASI ASCOM camera […]

We at ZWO got some great news for you guys, where we announce that the ASI USB3.0 CCDs support Android devices. You attach the camera to the device’s USB and make sure that the device supports OTG. Although the app is still in Alpha stage, with loads of bugs, crashes and misspellings, we strive to […]