How reach 55mm back focal length with ASI cameras? We prepared detailed guidelines for all our cameras. Notice: About small format, 174, 178, 385, 290, 224, 185, etc. The pacakge does not include some adapters, please take a look at the diagram of package list in product description.               […]

by Richard205maria 2016.5.22 SUBSCRIBE SUBSCRIBED UNSUBSCRIBE here is a short clip using the new camera ZWO asi290mm (monochrome) and another clip using the ZWO ASI174mm cool, both cameras are very good in their fields, I have my favorite one, even though I don’t have many good nights for testing and doing astro-images …i hope One […]

by AstroBackyard 2017.3.17 SUBSCRIBE SUBSCRIBED UNSUBSCRIBE In this astrophotography video I try out the new ZWO ASI071 MC-COOL Camera. This is my first venture into astrophotgraphy using a CCD-style camera. The ASI071 is a one shot color (OSC) astronomy camera that uses a 16MP CMOS Sensor. I try out Sequence Generator Pro (SGP) for the […]