Applicable Product(s) : For All ASI Cameras Description: Field tilt problems usually happen in imaging.  Optical axis, flattener lens, adapters, and sensor tilt are all causes of field tilt in images. This post is to help diagnose which issue is causing your field tilt problem. What do I setup to test? Your imaging setup is […]

we always got feedback from the customer that the camera cannot cool to the advertised temperature Here may be the reason the camera cannot cool so much Misunderstanding: 30 delta degree means 30 degrees below ambient instead of -30 C Make sure you plug in the 12V DC power supply and the LED is on which […]

Applicable Product(s) : For All ASI Cameras Description: When you use ASI camera for the first time, you may bump into some problems, this post will help you get familiar with your camera ASAP. What should I prepare? Install ASI Camera drivers : https://astronomy-imaging-camera.com/software/ Install latest capture softwares : https://astronomy-imaging-camera.com/software/ Answer: Because the driver was not installed properly. Try […]

by Richard205maria 2016.5.22 SUBSCRIBE SUBSCRIBED UNSUBSCRIBE here is a short clip using the new camera ZWO asi290mm (monochrome) and another clip using the ZWO ASI174mm cool, both cameras are very good in their fields, I have my favorite one, even though I don’t have many good nights for testing and doing astro-images …i hope One […]