Back to July 2018, the first-generation ASIAIR was released. About one year later, the second generation, ASIAIR PRO was released. As so many people are curious about the differences between these two models, here we list 10 most important changes in ASIAIR PRO that may help you have a better understanding on this little box. 1. […]

When it comes to astrophotography, we might well have an image in our mind of a complex mount and telescope, plus computers, cameras and a whole lot more all connected by a great mass of cables. You may well also then think of the challenges of making all this work together while under cold, dark […]

Photographing deep space objects is a very fulfilling activity, also a very hard technical challenge. The high requirements troubled so many newcomers before. But as the launch of ASIAIR, everything changed! Deep space photography is fun and easy now!   Traditional deep space photography equipment: There are so many cables between equipment and laptop. You have nowhere to place the laptop unless […]