Astro Bio's

Martin Lewis A Planetary Imager and Astrophotographer from the UK.             Martin has loved astronomy since he was a child, and has 50 years of rich experience in astronomical observation. He has amazing capabilities in planetary photography, especially in the imaging of Venus, almost nobody can reach his achievement. In this year’s Greenwich […]

Damian Peach, (people call him DP)is a well-known master in the field of planetary photography. He is from the United Kingdom. This gentleman has keeps doing planetary imaging for decades. The numerous beautiful and amazing planet images in his personal website show his great talent in astronomy. DP has won numerous planetary championships in the […]

It’s my pleasure to introduce an excellent astrophotographer and also a friend of mine – Maicon Germiniani to everybody. Maicon lives in Brazil, he and I talked a lot via emails. He uses our ASI1600MM-Cool and ASI183MM Pro cameras to do deep sky imaging for years. I am surprised by his beautiful images which have nice […]