Astrography and Equipments

As is widely recognized, we have focused on astrophotography since September 2011, accumulating 12 years of expertise in the field. And we have consistently released groundbreaking products, from the ASI120 planetary camera to the first APS-C cooled CMOS camera for deep-sky imaging, as well as the Mini guide cameras and the game-changing ASIAIR. Moreover, showcasing even more […]

The ASI662MC and ASI462MC are both entry-level planetary cameras from ZWO that can meet the needs of beginner astrophotographers. They are cameras that you can easily use even if you don’t do too much research. In fact, the ASI462MC has been discontinued and replaced by the upgraded ASI662MC, and the performance improvement is definitely worth the money. First, compare these two cameras side by side to see the differences. The […]