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Some users have reported an “oil leaking” issue on the ASI2600MC Pro and in some instances on other camera models back in 2021. After research and investigation, we found the issue was caused by the thermal pad, which is a thermal conductive material sits between the sensor and backplate for optimal heat dissipation of the […]

 Join Us in Making a Difference ZWO believe in the power of many, and our journey to inspire, innovate and discover must be an inclusive one. At ZWO, we are curious about the universe, and we believe good observations and aesthetics come from anywhere. Therefore, we want to open up our product development to the […]

  What’s ASIStudio? ASIStudio is an astronomy software package developed by ZWO, which currently including ASICap, ASIImg and ASILive. ASICap——specialized in planetary imaging, with an earlier release date, has experienced multiple iterations and gains a lot of popularity. ASIImg —— specialized in DSO imaging for desktop platform, is a great attempt to create a software […]