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13Nov 2017

“After producing a recent Uranus image in IR showing belt detail, I realised that I had imaged all the planets in 11 months of this year (excluding our own world) and managed to capture surface detail on all of them. All images taken from St Albans with my homebuilt Dobsonian 444mm reflector except for Mercury for which I used […]

30Oct 2017

Say “Goodbye!” to dew problem ASI071MC Pro Camera completely upgrade anti-dew and mechnical body. The diameter of the camera body is incresed to 86mm (the old 071 is 78mm). ▶6 screws seal the chamber This new structure seal the CMOS chamber better and no dew or frost happen on sensor anymore.   This new structure […]

24Oct 2017

Look Back There is no denying that ASI1600MM cooled camera is a milestone in astrophotography history. Form 2016-2017, ASI1600 Cooled camera upgrade 3 times. ASI1600MM-Cool Version1(right) VS. ASI1600MM-Cool Version2(left): ASI1600MM-Cool Version2(left) VS. ASI1600MM-Cool Version3(right): Every time we make a big progress to improve 1600 performance, but it is not enought. As we said, ZWO is […]

17Oct 2017

ASI294MC Pro is the first camera in the world that equip with SONY latest sensor IMX294CJK. IMX294CJK Diagonal 21.63 mm (Type 4/3) Approx. 10.71M-Effective Pixel Color CMOS Image Sensor, This is the official description on Sony website. In our effort, we remolded it to make it Diagonal 23.2 mm (Type 4/3) Approx. 11.71M-Effective Pixel. High-Sensitivity Type […]

27Sep 2017

ASI174 and ASI290 mini camera have very beautiful outlooks, small size, lighter weight, this is not a big deal. We should consider much more… How to  choose a good guide camera? Many people may say : it must be small, suitable for different equipments(guide scope, OAG), stable working. Yes, I think thoes are basic demand […]