Haven’t been imaging for nearly one year

I joined a star party a couple of days ago

and here is my first light with our new camera ASI1600MM-Cool


This is my new portable and lightweight setup for DSO imaging

Mount: ZEQ25

Scope: 70SA 2kg Only

Imaging and Guiding system: ASI1600MM-Cool+EFWmini+ZWO New LRGB, OAG + ASI290MM for guiding  1KG total

So this imaging setup is only 3kg


All data captured at Unity Gain and 3 mins exposure for single frame

M27 L*12 R*3 G*3 B*3

M27 is very high in the sky, I just combined the RGBL together and did a DDP, I don’t even need to adjust the color

ZWO New LRGB Filters are very suitable for ASI1600,  EFWmini works great all night as well.

M8&M20 L*20 R*5 G*5 B*5


M13 L*40 R*10 G*10 B*10

This is the most difficult object!Very hard to do the post processing, anyway this is what I can do

Picture saved with settings embedded.

2 Responses to First Light with ASI1600MM-Cool+EFWmini+ZWO New RGBL
  1. Wonderful!
    I’m very excited about this system. When will your OAG be available? I can’t wait to get this on my AstroTech RC8..moving up from my dslr system to your ASI1600MM-C 36″ filter kit seems like the most cost effective and logical transition for me. Great products guys! Will I need any other spacers for the scope or attachments for my new QHY5III-178 guide camera?




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