1. Wireless focus control

You are free to control EAF on your phone with the help of ASIAIR now.

EAF_Wireless focus

2. Plug and play

As an HID USB device, EAF can be directly used and works well with ASICAP or ASIAIR, while it does not need any diver software installed.

EAF_Plug-and- play

Note: You’ll need to install ASCOM driver if you want to use more third-party software.



3. Highly integrated design

The motor and controller board are both integrated in the housing, which keeps the whole design very compact.

EAF_ integrated _design

4. Stainless steel front panel

This material is not only abundant in texture and durability, but also able to ensure the stability of all connections.  

EAF_Stainless _steel

5. No looseness

The set screws with blue teflon paste play important role in EAF through their anti-vibration and 100% separation preventing features.

EAF_No _looseness

6. Two in one

The multifunctional interface can be connected with the dedicated handle for manual focus and speed control, or access to the external temperature sensor to collect temperature data.

EAF_Two_in _one

7. Status notification

You can judge your EAF’s working condition by the buzzing sound alerts. One voice for mission received, two voice for abnormal condition(e.g. EAF can not move).

EAF_Status _notification

EAF, the professional electronic automatic focus solution for astrophotography!

12 Responses to EAF: the features and why will you need it for astrophotography
  1. Avatar

    Does ASIAIR pro allow enough steps for eaf focuser to fully operate the range of the Celestron sct focuser?


    • Avatar

      maximum steps of ASIAIR PRO setting is 60000 steps.Thanks


      • Avatar

        I have one with a C9.25 XLT. With the f6.3 reducer onboard, I have to focus out all 60,000 steps, then using software resync the eaf back to 0 (I use INDI KSTARS, and this is just a couple of clicks on the INDI panel) then repeat 2 more ttimes. It actually needs 210,000 steps give or take to get to focus. Once you’ve done it once then it’s all fine, but the 60,000 non configurable limitation is a bit of a niggle. Would be better if I could set that myself in the software. Perhaps a limit of 300,000 steps would be better.


  2. Avatar

    Is EAF compatible with the Astrophysics 130mm f6.3 StarFire GTX “Gran Turismo” with 3.5″ Focuser (130GTX)?


  3. Avatar

    Will this work with an Explore Scientific ED102cf ?


  4. Avatar

    Is the EAF compatable with a Celestron SCT?


    • Avatar

      The EAF is compatable with most Celestron, but i am not sure the Celestron SCT.
      May be you could send the picture to my suppport,and we will check and reply you


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    I have a skywatcher black diamond ED80 for which I would want this autofocuser. But the ED80s Crayford Style focuser tends to slip under the load of my camera unless I tighten up the lock screw. It’s quite bad, I even have to hold the camera during focusing to be able to accurately achieve focus via Bhatinov mask. My question is: does the EAF compensate for a weak focuser or is it intended to make a good focuser better (ie enabling remote focus)?




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