What’s ASIStudio?

ASIStudio is an astronomy software package developed by ZWO, which currently including ASICap, ASIImg and ASILive.

  • ASICap——specialized in planetary imaging, with an earlier release date, has experienced multiple iterations and gains a lot of popularity.
  • ASIImg —— specialized in DSO imaging for desktop platform, is a great attempt to create a software by our years’ experience on development.
  • ASILive—— specialized in live stacking. The first beta version was released at Nov 2019, is a strong competitor in live stacking software, also get many good reputations.

With this software, the future of ASIStudio is quite clear: ASIStudio will be a unified software package including all the imaging and post-processing work. Combined with popular ASI camera, a full-featured ecosystem for astrophotography will be built.

You don’t need to learn other complexity software, ASIStudio will be enough for you.



ASICap is the first software in this collection, can be used for planetary, solar and lunar imaging. The UI is quite straightforward, you could easily adjust parameters, such as resolution, exposure time and gain. The software won’t let you miss a single clear night to take images.



ASIImg is the latest software in this collection. Currently could be used for DSO imaging with/without scheduled task. We plan to add sky chart, assist polar align, focusing and plate-solving in future versions in this year. Ultimately, it’s gonna meet all the demands for DSO imaging.

The development progress of ASIImg is steady, thanks to the experience for developing ASIAIR.



ASILive is focused on live stacking. You could see the image stacked in real time with stretch and denoise automatically. A no-brainer experience for imaging.

Surprisingly, due to the convenient and easy to use of the software, ASILive has drawed attention from the fans of EAA.


Live stacking, 2 frames stacked


Live stacking, 109 frames stacked


What can ASIStudio bring us:

As a newborn software platform, ASIStudio is far from its ultimate goal. There are already many mature software, such as FireCapture, SharpCap, Maxim DL and NINA. You will be impressed if you are specializing some of these software.

But ASIStudio has its own advantages:

1.Completely complimentary

Like earlier software developed by ZWO, ASIStudio is also complimentary. You can download the software from any appropriate platform. Although ASIStudio only supports ASI camera, but we think most astronomy amateurs have at least one ASI camera. So, it is not a disadvantage.

2.Better support for ASI cameras

ASIStudio will be more robust because we focused on support our own cameras.

3.Easier learning curve

There are all kinds of astronomy imaging software, but most have a quite steep learning curve. ASIStudio is more user friendly because it has a simple, intuitive UI and more convenient operations.

4.More specialized software

Instead of integrating planetary/Solar/Lunar imaging, DSO imaging and Live stacking in one software, ASIStudio separates them into 3 individuals which can run independently: ASICap, ASIImg and ASILive. Some new features are under development, such as FITS viewer, will also been added as a gadget. This means you don’t need to download the entire software package for just a single feature (For example, purchase and download Maxim DL to view a FITS file). More flexibility for customers to imaging and post-processing.

5.Cross platform support

ASIStudio currently supports Windows 32-bit/64-bit, macOS, Linux (64-bit only). A great news for Linux and macOS customers.


The future of ASIStudio

ASIStudio is a long-term software project for desktop platform. We will keep shaping the software and add more features over time. We also keep a close eye on other great astronomy software, we may integrate it into our package after received their authorizations.

ASIStudio will become a full-featured, one-stop astrophotography software package, including the software developed by ourselves, gadgets and authorized third party software. ASIStudio will become the best solution for astronomy amateurs. We will make the astrophotography easier than never before.

When we start developing ASIStudio, someone told to us, we will never catch up the pace with software like SharpCap. Even some of our competitors stop developing similar software, as they think it is a totally waste of time. We know we have a vast gap from mature software, but it’s just a beginning.

As proven said: “Rome wasn’t built in a day”. A software project cannot become perfect from in a short time. We will never catch up the pace with others if we afraid of facing the failure. ZWO is working hard on astrophotography for 8 years, we will never give up.


We value your opinion!

To make ASIStudio better, we cherish your precious advices very much. If you have any feedback and suggestions, please do not hesitate to tell us via Facebook Messenger or E-mails.


You can send the email to:


How to download ASIStudio:

Step 1: Check the link below

Step 2: Go Software and find ASIStudio

download link

You are welcome to download it and give us your feedback!

120 Responses to What is ASIStudio and What Can It Bring Us?
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    I am new to astrophotography and the ASIStudio suite and very easy to learn. Well done to the developer for their work. And it is possible to inculcate a feature that allows you to clear the sky of all clouds at night 😉

    Good luck to the ZWO team


  2. Avatar

    I have tried to run ASI studio Deepstack with fit data on two different Mac computers including a brand new Mac mini. The program progresses fine but just as it completes the final stacking, the program crashes. Any thoughts on what I am doing incorrectly?


  3. Avatar

    I have used an ASI120 camera for planetary imaging. I used ICap 2.4 to capture the images. More recently, I have attempted to use an ASI294 cooled colour camera to take deep sky images. I have downloaded ASIStudio. Although I can use ASICap to take test images of bright objects, I cannot get ASIImg to run. When I click on the ASIImg icon, it just brightens momentarily but then nothing more happens. When I also click on ASILive, I get the same result: the icon brightens for a moment, but nothing else happens.

    Any advice on how to get past this step would be greatly appreciated.


  4. Avatar

    Hello, Katherine. I’m a new ASI user, now with ASI2600MC Pro and ASIAir. Is there a manual available? And is it possible to save images in TIFF? Only specialized applications, not Photoshop, will read FITS.


  5. Avatar

    what is the different between “Gain high/low” in ASI Studio?


  6. Avatar

    Can ASI Fits View bulk save to another format? Could that be done in a future update?


  7. Avatar

    Hi. Just loaded ASI Studio for my ZWO1600MM Pro.

    Using ASIImg for Deep Sky Imaging, can you tell me the actual Gain settings for Low/Middle/High?
    Can these Gain settings be changed?
    There is no control of Offset. Is this set automatically depending upon Gain setting chosen?
    Can it be set manually?

    Very impressed so far.

    Regards, Peter


    • Avatar

      You do not need to set the gain and offset manually. We recommend keep the default gain and offset,especially for the new users.


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    Hello friends : This software look fantastic here is my questions
    Will ASIStudio be able to pilot
    1: My Celestron AVX Mount ?
    2: My Skywatcher EQ6-R Pro ?
    Does it do it now ?
    Is it doing it on Mac OS ?
    Thank you !


    • Avatar


      Is it doing it on Mac OS ?

      It is unable to connect&control the AVX or EQ6R directly currently in the ASIstudio
      we will convey this requirement to our R&D


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    I downloaded ASIStudio today but when I try to launch it on my windows 120 (64bit) laptop I get the blue wheel for a few seconds then nothing happens. Each of the 3 programs will launch and work, justmnot the ASIStudio part. Any ideas?



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    He instalado el ASIStudio. Es muyyyyyyyyyyy bueno. Quiero que me explique la escala de gain de las camaras zwo asi y los valores de exposcion. Tengo una zwo asi 290 MC y el gain va de 0 hasta 600 y la exposición va de 32 a 10.000. Al lado también aparece una ventana con los iguientes valores 32us a 10ms ; 1 a 10ms ; 100 a 1000ms; 1 a 2000s. Que significan estos valores . Estoy ahorrando para comprarme una camara zwo asi para cielo profundo. Que camra de cielo profundo me recomienda que este en el presupuesto de 1000 dólares. Gracias por su ayuda.


  11. Avatar

    How is the ASISTUDIO manual coming along? I need help with gain/offset/stacking etc. and I think the manual would help. Last post I saw about it was September…Should be done by now,no?


  12. Avatar

    Any update on a manual for ASIStudio


  13. Avatar

    Hi there, is it possible to use ASI Studio to take .fits file images, rather than png?


  14. Avatar

    Please, can anyone to activate my account for the forum, user ursamajor? I already wait for three days. Thanks.


  15. Avatar

    ¿Tienen planes de hacer ASIstudio o algún otro programa que se pueda utilizar para EAA en plataformas Android?


  16. Avatar

    Please fix the download for ASI studio v. 1.2.1 x64. The file is incomplete, it has only 7.5 MB.


  17. Avatar

    Something’s wrong with your last ASIstudio version (1.2.1). I tried to download it, but the file has only 7.5 MB (instead of 30 MB like previous version). When I try to install it, an error appears: file incomplete downloaded. So, please correct the issue.


  18. Avatar

    How can you tell how much time has passed and how much remaining in a running session?
    The other question, will ASI live run at the same time with ASIImage, or it replaces ASILive?
    Thank you,


  19. Avatar

    I am VERY interesting in using the ASI Studio and I am totally loving my ASI2600MC-Pro and 290Mini. How does ASI Studio (installed on a Win 10 laptop) connect to the ASIAIR-Pro? Can it be connected via USB or does it have to be wireless? Is there any estimated time frame for an instruction manual? A lot of the program is very intuitive but an instruction manual is always a good thing. Thanks the support and for creating so many wonderful products.


    • Avatar

      Thanks for supporting us. But sorry to tell you the ASIStudio is a computer software which is different with the mobile phone app ASIAIR. So they can’t be connected. And we are working on the instruction manual, please wait for a while, thanks.


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    I used ASICap for the first time last night with my ASI178MC imaging Jupiter. It went OK but my AVI was greyscale (B&W). This was in the text file:

    [ZWO ASI178MC]
    Auto Exp Max Exp = 30ms
    Auto Exp Max Gain = 255
    Auto Exp Target Brightness = 100
    Bin = 1
    Brightness = 10
    Capture Area Size = 1920 * 1080
    Capture Limit = 1000frames
    Colour Format = RAW8
    Debayer Preview = OFF
    Exposure = 158000us
    Flip = None
    Gain = 1
    Hardware Bin = OFF
    High Speed Mode = OFF
    Mono Bin = OFF
    Output Format = *.AVI
    Raw Format = ON
    StartX = 588
    StartY = 500
    Temperature = 34.7 C
    Timestamp Frames = OFF
    Turbo USB = 60
    USB Port = 3.0
    White Balance (B) = 90
    White Balance (R) = 70

    Can you tell me what I did wrong?




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