You are wrong if you think ZWO only produce cameras? We like Newtonian scopes from the start of observing the sky! Newtonian is simple, cheap and easy to get a large diameter mirror than all other type scopes maybe you want to say Newtonian is hard to collimate. But actually we enjoy the process to do something which can make our scope better!

Let’s see ZWO’s first carbon tube Photograph Newtonian:

  • Diameter:6″ (153mm)
  • Focal ratio: F4
  • Weight(including handle, dovetail and rings): 3.8kg  (8.3lb)
  • Focuser: 10:1 dual speed focuser
  • back focus: 65mm (+-5mm)
  • secondary size: 64mm
  • PV of the primary mirror: < 1/10λ
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    Hello, please, can you puplish picture about this OTA ?






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