Haven’t been imaging for nearly one year I joined a star party a couple of days ago and here is my first light with our new camera ASI1600MM-Cool   This is my new portable and lightweight setup for DSO imaging Mount: ZEQ25 Scope: 70SA 2kg Only Imaging and Guiding system: ASI1600MM-Cool+EFWmini+ZWO New LRGB, OAG + ASI290MM for guiding […]

Martin captured Jupiter in RGB and CH4 with ASI224 camera attached on big 444-mm Dobson. What Martin said about this amazing photos? The methane image was taken during a period of good seeing with my home-built 444-mm Dobsonian working on my equatorial platform and at f18- a slightly shorter f-ratio than I would use for RGB imaging. […]

This is the best Saturn image we have seen this year and we are glad to see ASI174MM helped Darryl to make this image come true. Fantastic Saturn animation made with 14″ S-C and with currently hottest camera on market – ASI174. Do you want capture such Saturn? Order this camera online today! Source: Blog of Darryl   […]

Just get another Email from Martin show his best Jupiter  just captured with “good luck” in UK. We always need some some good luck to capture the planet under good seeing if we don’t have a chance to visit Barbados like Damian did. ” if you want to share the attached on the ZWO blog which […]

We are glad to see such wonderful images from Darryl and seems ASI174 did a good job than ASI120. Here is the post from Darryl’s Facebook page: “Instead of heading out into the countryside we imaged from home 2 mornings ago: I mentioned on a forum that when I was discussing the ASI174MM with Sam […]

Just get a email from Martin Levwis to share the wondeful image token with ASI174MM and ASI174MC its a great pleasure for us to see such wonderful images from our camera. Thanks for sharing! Here are two images from the 18th April 2015, one with an ASI174MC colour camera and one with an ASI174MM mono camera, […]

Here is some nice Jupiter images from Damian Peach with ASI174MM and C14. ASI174 is very suitable for SCT because of its 5.8um pixel size, so different focal ratio can be achieved after combine with Barlow you can tell from the blue image how good is the seeing.