12V-5V DC Converter for ASIAIR


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Product Description

The 12V-5V DC Converter is used for ZWO ASIAIR!

ASIAIR need 5V@2.5A external power supply, it’s micro USB port. Normally, ASIAIR consumes only 500ma current. but peak value would be 2.5A, so please use the power cable come with ASIAIR. other cables may be too thin and cannot provide enough power. You can use 12V-5V DC Converter to connect ASIAIR to the 12V power supply as most Astro device.12V-5V DC Converter for ASIAIR


Before first usage of this product read manuals and install correct drivers and software.

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    Can this be powered with a 13.8V power supply?
    What is the upper and lower limit for voltage IN in this device?


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      No it cannot.



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