ASI1600MM Pro Kit


ZWO has packaged new ASI1600MM Pro Astronomy Camera with a 1.25″Electronic Filter Wheel & 1.25″  New RGBL Filter Set.

A perfect set up for deep sky imaging !


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Notice:Cooled cameras need a 12V power adapter, If you don’t have one, please click this link to buy a 12V power adapter. There are 4 different standards for different countries, please choose it carefully.
ZWO 12V 5A AC to DC adapter for cooled cameras

ZWO has packaged the popular ASI1600MM Pro Astronomy Camera with Electronic Filter Wheel &  Filter Set.

There are three different kits for you:

Kit 1:

ASI1600MM Pro Astronomy Camera

1.25″ 8 hole Electronic Filter Wheel

1.25″New LRGB Filter Set

1.25″ 7nm Narrowband Filter Ha OIII SII


Kit 2:

ASI1600MM Pro Astronomy Camera

31mm 8 hole Electronic Filter Wheel

31mm LRGB Filter Set

31mm 7nm Narrowband Filter Ha OIII SII


Kit 3:

ASI1600MM Pro Astronomy Camera

36mm 7 hole Electronic Filter Wheel

36mm LRGB Filter Set

36mm 7nm Narrowband Filter Ha OIII SII


A perfect set up for deep sky imaging !

You can get more details from below links:

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ZWO 1.25″ New RGBL Filter Set

ZWO 31mm  New RGBL Filter Set

ZWO 36mm New RGBL Filter Set

ZWO 1.25″narrowband Filter Set

ZWO 31mm narrowband Filter Set

ZWO 36mm narrowband Fiter Set

Appreciation of user works:

The Cocoon nebula (IC 5146, Sh2-125)

APOD Image of the day, photo by Marcel Drechsler



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    Do you have an estimate on when the ASI1600MMPro will be available again?
    Thank you!


    • Avatar


      Will be available around 20th.


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    Hello, I am interested in the KIT 3 for the ASI1600MM PRO KIT, and I am wondering if the filter inside are the new one (LRGB & NarrowBand).
    Best regards,


    • Avatar


      Yes, the filters inside all these Kits are new.


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    Are there stocks of this kit?
    ASI1600MM Pro:
    Kit 1 1.25″ EFW SET


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      Yes you can buy it now.



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