M48-M42 Adapter

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M48-M42 Adapter is available now!

Cooled-Mono-Camera-solution Cooled-Mono-Camera-with-OAG-solution

Before first usage of this product read manuals and install correct drivers and software.

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    Hello, I want to use this product to attach a 42 mm male to 48mm female one. In the first diagram in the description there is the adapter that I need. However, this is listed as M42-M48 adapter while the product sold is listed as M48-M42. Can I use it to attach a male 42mm to a female 48mm? Does the ordering of 42 and 48 in the name make a difference?


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      Yes, you can use it to attach a male 42mm to a female 48mm.
      And there’s no difference in the order of 42mm and 48mm in the name.



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