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Product Description

Compatible Camera Types: ASI2600 Pro Series/ASI6200 Pro Series/ASI2400MC Pro


The 3 points from the rear make tilt adjustment much easier than removing the tilt plate from the camera.

Installation steps for the M54-Tilter

  1. Remove the M54-Tilter from the packaging box and use an Allen wrench to remove the three cylindrical screws on the top.
  2. Remove the original sensor tilt plate from the cooled camera.

  1. Place the base of the M54-Tilter onto the cooled camera and fasten it with six Phillips flat-head screws (specification: M2.5*6).

  1. Cover the top of the M54-Tilter, turn the camera over, and fasten it with three cylindrical screws from the back.

Congratulations! The M54-Tilter is now successfully installed.

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