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Updated on September 25, 2023

Please note the following estimated shipping timelines based on the date of your pre-order:

1. Pre-orders received by April 13th have already been shipped out by the end of August.
2. Pre-orders received by April 17th have already been shipped out by September 22nd.
3. Pre-orders received by April 30th are expected to ship in mid-October.
4. Pre-orders received by May 15th are expected to ship by the end of October.
5. Customers who place orders after May 15th will have their shipments processed gradually starting in November. At this time, we are unable to provide specific shipping dates for post-May orders, but we will update you as soon as we have more information.

Note: The above-mentioned times are all based on Beijing Time.

We will proactively contact customers as their units become available, providing tracking information and shipping details.

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Product Description


Please carefully review our Shipping and Delivery Policy before purchasing our products. This policy is exclusively applicable to the ZWO subsidiary brand, Seestar, and does not apply to ZWO products.


Ⅰ. Shipping Rules

Which Shipping Services Do We Use?

We have chosen a reliable courier service, DHL, for delivering our products securely. Please note that we are unable to ship to post office boxes (PO Boxes) as per our policy. 


How Do I Ensure a Smooth Delivery?

To ensure your order reaches you seamlessly, please provide accurate information – name, address, and contact details – during checkout. Double-check your order details before confirming. After shipment, changes or cancellations are not possible.


When Can I Expect My Package?

We aim to deliver within 15-20 days. We’ll process your order within 3 business days. If your package doesn’t arrive in 2 months, promptly contact Seestar E-commerce.


Anything Specific for Certain Countries?

For our valued European customers, we kindly request that you include your VAT, EORI, or personal identification card number in the remarks section of your order, as per customs regulations.

If you are located in Brazil or Chile, we kindly ask you to provide your CPF or CNPJ in the remarks section of your order to comply with customs requirements.

Customers in Russia, please note that we can only ship via EMS. In the remarks section of your order, kindly provide your full English name (consisting of three words) and English delivery address. These details are of utmost importance to ensure a seamless customs clearance process and timely delivery.


What if Delivery Takes Longer?

Though we aim to meet our delivery estimates, unforeseen factors like natural disasters can lead to delays. Remote areas may also experience longer delivery times.


What If My Delivery Fails?

While we’ll assist in resolving delivery issues, we can’t be held responsible for recipient actions like address changes, refusal, or customs delays. Note that delivery times may be impacted during weekends, holidays, and special occasions.


How Do I Deal with Delayed Delivery?

Rest assured, we’re taking measures to minimize delays and appreciate your understanding. If you have any questions or concerns about delivery, please contact Seestar E-commerce.


Ⅱ. Delivery Tracking

To track the status of your order, we recommend using the following official channels:

Click on the links below to access tracking information for your shipment:



Alternatively, you may contact Seestar E-commerce directly for further assistance.

We appreciate your business and are committed to ensuring the timely and accurate delivery of your order.


Ⅲ. Tax Information

What is the Price List Displayed on Our Website?

The price list displayed on our website is in USD and does not include tax.


What Tax Responsibilities Do Buyers Have?

We want to inform our buyers that they are responsible for any applicable taxes, including Import tax, VAT, customs handling fees, and similar charges. These additional fees may be collected by the courier at the time of delivery.


How Can You Ensure the Best Local Service?

For the best local service experience, we recommend that customers consider purchasing our cameras from local dealers. This approach can provide you with convenient access to support and assistance specific to your region.

Your understanding of these tax considerations is appreciated, and we are here to assist you with any questions you may have.


Ⅳ. Inspection & Reporting of Damaged Shipments

Why Should You Inspect Your Shipment?

Given the significant value of Seestar products, we kindly ask you to carefully examine your shipment upon delivery. If you notice any damage or deformation, we advise against signing for or opening the package. Instead, promptly reach out to Seestar E-commerce.


What Happens When You Sign for the Goods?

By signing for the goods, whether personally or through a representative, you are considered to have accepted the package, its quantity, and the enclosed products. To safeguard your interests, we highly recommend recording an unboxing video and cross-checking the contents with the packing slip.


How Can You Protect Yourself?

For any missing or damaged items, please get in touch with Seestar E-commerce within 24 hours of receiving your shipment. This swift action allows us to promptly address the issue and ensure your satisfaction.


Your satisfaction is our priority, and we appreciate your cooperation in ensuring the safe delivery of your Seestar products.



Please carefully review our Warranty and Return Policy before purchasing our products. This policy is exclusively applicable to the ZWO subsidiary brand, Seestar, and does not apply to ZWO products.


What is the Warranty Period for Seestar Branded Products?

Suzhou ZWO Co., Ltd. is committed to providing a 2-year warranty for branded products purchased directly from Seestar. This warranty period commences from the day following the customer’s receipt of the product.


What Does the Warranty Cover?

If you experience the following Dead on Arrival (DOA) scenarios and contact Seestar E-commerce within the specified time limit, we offer the following services:

  1. Product Quality Problem:

If you detect a quality issue within 30 days of receiving the product and our Seestar Support confirms the problem upon inspection, we provide a free replacement for the affected product.

  1. Product Transportation Problem:

If you notice apparent signs of damage, excessive wear, or deformation on the product’s outer packaging within 3 days of receipt, and provide corresponding images and proof of receipt, our Seestar Support will investigate and determine responsibility. If Suzhou ZWO Co., Ltd. is the shipper, we will arrange for a return or replacement. If the product was shipped by a ZWO agent, they will handle the return or replacement.


What Situations Fall Outside the Warranty Scope?

If the Products are under the following circumstances, they are not within the scope of warranty service, Suzhou ZWO Co., Ltd. may provide maintenance services to the Users:

  1. The Warranty Period of the Products has expired; or
  2. The Products are injected into liquid or affected by moisture or corrosion; or
  3. The Products are damaged by an external force (such as the broken of the camera protection window glass, the deformation of the product shell, the broken of the USB port, etc.); or
  4. Disassembling, repairing by a third party, refurbishment of the Products (such as downloading erroneous firmware) without the written authorization of ZWO; or
  5. The product system is modified, or the maintenance notice is lost or changed; or
  6. Product quality problem caused by installation not following the requirements or instructions for the Products; or
  7. Physical damage or failure of the Products caused by the force majeure (such as solid vibration or extrusion such as flood, fire, earthquake, or thunder stroke); or
  8. Damage caused by the improper User operation during the period of shooting or use, such as using without the equipment protection or direct shooting of the sun; or
  9. No valid purchase invoice or warranty certificate; or
  10. The Products are second-hand products.

Any quality problem with the accessories or other parts of the Products is not a condition for the return or change of the Products, and the User may solely request to replace the accessories with new ones, which shall be handled after verification by the Seestar Support.If the issue with your Seestar product was caused by specific damage (such as severe damage not covered by the 1-year warranty), you might have to pay the replacement value.


Repair and Replacement Process

For normal repair or replacement during the warranty period, the user is responsible for return shipping costs. Users must specify the reasons for damage and provide supporting evidence, such as pictures or videos.

When returning products confirmed for replacement by Suzhou ZWO Co., Ltd., users should include all accessories, manuals, etc., at the designated address.

By returning a product to Suzhou ZWO Co., Ltd., the user agrees to cover out-of-warranty fees incurred during the repair process. Suzhou ZWO Co., Ltd. will return the product after charging.


How to Seek Technical Support and After-sales Service?

Users encountering issues with Seestar products can contact Seestar Support for technical assistance. For products requiring after-sales service, Suzhou ZWO Co., Ltd. will provide a corresponding RMA code for reference. Please note that Suzhou ZWO Co., Ltd. will not accept products returned without a valid RMA code and Suzhou ZWO Co., Ltd.’s written confirmation.


Agent-Purchased Products

Customers who purchase Seestar products from authorized agents can directly contact the respective agent for after-sales service.

Your satisfaction and understanding of our Warranty and Return policy are important to us. If you have any further inquiries, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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  1. Avatar


    I received my Seestar last week
    It will not completely move back to the home position and is jutting out. The voice from the Seestar says “can’t move any further”
    Can this be corrected


    • Avatar


      Hi! Thank you for your feedback. Can you email us photos or videos? Our email address is
      Have a nice day!


  2. Avatar


    Does the Seestar support STA mode connection? Like method 2 described below:


    • Avatar


      Hi! Seestar S50 doesn’t support station mode right now. We have plan to support it. Have a nice day!


  3. Avatar


    Good morning
    When I take a photo of the sun with my Seestar and my Apple tablet and I look at it in my photo gallery, the sun is oval. (See attached photo)
    Can you tell me where the problem comes from, it should normally be round


    • Avatar


      Hi! Thank you for your support and feedback.
      Can you email us photos? Our email address is
      Have a nice day!


  4. Avatar

    (verified owner):

    UNBELIEVABLE!! Kudos to you ZWO for your amazing support and responsiveness! I have been “all in” on ZWO for a long time and a very happy customer and astrophotographer. THANK YOU for responding to our questions and posting shipping dates. The astro community appreciates how much you’ve raised the level of support and innovation for our “hobby”! Well done!!


    • Avatar


      Thanks for your liking! Have a nice day!



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