EOS-T2 Adapter suitable for all ASI cameras


Suitable for cameras which back focus distance is 12.5MM or 17.5mm

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Product Description

This new EOS-T2 adapter has two parts (EOS-T2 adapter and 5mm length T2-extender), suitable for all ASI cameras

This new type is unadjustable. EOS-T2 support Canon EF lens only.

EOS-T2 adapter without T2-extender is suitable for 17.5mm backfocus distance ASI cameras such like Cooled cameras and ASI174 ASI294 ASI183 ASI1600


EOS-T2 adapter with the 5mm T2-extender, suitable for all 12.5mm backfocus ASI cameras such like ASI120 ASI224 ASI290 ASI178 ASI385.


You can use 2″ IR-CUT filter with the adapter.



What’s in box?





Before first usage of this product read manuals and install correct drivers and software.


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  1. :

    Can I use this adapter with the ZWO manual filter wheel?
    Will it be possible to reach optimal focus that way?

    • Sam Wen


      no, the back focus of this adapter is too long
      but we will make a short one to work with our MFW or EFW

  2. :

    Does it fit 2″ filters like the one for ASI1600?

    • Sam Wen


      yes, but you need to get the glass out and put it inside this adapter and hold it with the hold ring from the 2″ filter

  3. :

    Just to be sure:

    I have a canon EF 75-300mm lens (standard EF mount) and an ASI120MC. Is the EOS-T2 adapter sufficient to connect these two, or do I need some other adapter as well?

    • Sam Wen


      yes, it’s adjustable and support back focus from 10mm to 20mm

  4. :

    Hi Sam,
    Is the Nikon version coming out soon?

    • Sam Wen


      bad news, no

  5. :

    Does it have a place to screw in a M48 filter?


    • Sam Wen


      yes, build in M48 screws
      but it’s better to put 2″ filter glass inside and screw the M48 ring

  6. :

    Hi Sam,
    Can you please confirm that the “New EOS-T2 Adapter suitable for all ASI cameras” is designed to work with the “Nikon AI-EOS Adapter” for my ASI1600MC & Nikon Lens? Camera Lens can reach infinity focus without other modification?

    • Sam Wen


      yes, the EOS-T2 is adjustable for nearly 10mm

  7. :

    Can you please tell me the overall length of this product at the maximum and minimum back focus positions

    • Sam Wen


      it’s suitable for camera whose back focus distance is around 12-20mm

  8. :

    Hi. Is there a way to mount this on a dovetail etc? I.e. does it accept some sort of screw or similar? I see a silver part on one side, but I can’t figure out what it is, it doesn’t quite look like a screw.

    • Sam Wen


      why mount this adapter? you can mount the camera

  9. :

    Is where any way to use this adapter with 1,25″ filters?

  10. :

    Would you consider offering an additional camera side piece with a C-mount thread (1″-32tpi) and 1.25″ filter holder? A T->C adapter won’t work as it becomes too long to focus. Lot’s of folks out there would LOVE to have this to use with their C & CS mount cameras and NV gear! It would also work with your Nikon lens adapter. Thanks!

    • Sam Wen


      I think there is already such C-Nikon adapter in market, you can search on Ebay

  11. :

    Actually, thinking about the above idea, you could leave the 48mm filter adapter as-is, and use a step down ring if you want to use a 1.25″ filter.

  12. :

    I have 2 questions about this product:
    1) Does it support asi178 and asi120?
    2) Can I insert other 2″ filters, like H-alpha filter?

    • Sam Wen


      yes to both questions

  13. :

    Showing as out of stock. When do you expect to have more?

    • Sean Wang


      It will avaliable in two weeks.

  14. :

    Hi Sam,

    the flange focal distance of the Canon EF mount is 44.0 mm, the distance between the EF flange of the adapter to the T-mount flange of the adapter is 26 mm to 33 mm. Shouldn’t the camera then have a back focus distance of 11.0 mm to 18.0 mm?

    Kind regards


    • Sean Wang


      yes, for exemple. 1600mm-c have 6.5mm back focus, but it have a 11mm T2 ring can be uesd to extend the back focus length to 17.5mm.

  15. :

    Can I use this adapter with your EFW 7×36?

  16. :

    When will this be available again. My order has been waiting since Sept16th OPT

    • Sam Wen


      around 2 weeks from now on

  17. :

    Are you getting new stock soon?
    Thanks in advance

    • Sam Wen


      it will take one more week

  18. :

    Hi. I have ASI1600 and ASI 290. The 1600 has 6.5mm spacing to sensor, where the 290 has 7.5mm spacing. I dont think I would want to use the 290 with the camera, but do you think it would be OK with 1mm error? ALso, maybe it would be better if this spacing was standardised as 6.5mm for all ASI models.
    Thanks Tom

    • Sam Wen


      290 has M42 female threads and 12.5mm spacing
      you can use this adapter
      most of our cameras has 12.5 or 17.5 spacing

  19. :

    Oh heck – I just realised I posted this in the wrong place – I’m talking about the other adapter for use with EFW . sorry!

    • Sam Wen


      ASI290 cool camera is the same, 6.5mm back focus distance

  20. :

    Hi Sam,
    Any news with this product stock?
    We are looking forward to buy one!

    • Sam Wen


      we just redesign it and will have more instock soon

  21. :

    I see that you are updating the model type. It says that it is not adjustable. I am wondering how I am going to attach my Cannon EF lenses to this most of them have a back focus of 40MM. Is this model different than the previous one that had adjustments and if so what would I need to allow my lenses to work.

  22. :

    Mistake… I have Lenses for the Mirror Camera which is 44MM not 40MM. The new adapter looks like it is for the mirrorless lenses.

  23. :

    Thank You for confirming that the EF lens with 44MM back focus still works with this.

    • Sam Wen


      yes, it works

  24. :

    New to astrophotography, so excuse me if I’m completely wrong..
    If I get this and the asi120 I can attach it to my dslr lenses.. Is it only EF lenses that work or Ef-S too? I thinking this would be perfect for my tamron 150-600…..

    • Sam Wen


      EF and EF-S use the same mount I think

  25. :

    Just got the new EOS T2 Adapter. Works fantastic with all my EOS Lenses. Works on my 1600mc-cool as well as my 185mc.

    Thank You ZWO

    • Sam Wen


      that’s great news!

  26. :

    Hi Sam,
    Is this adapter really suitable with my Zwo ASI 1600 MC cooled V1 ?
    Because the thread of the adapter looks male and the thread of this camera is also male.

    • Sam Wen


      there is one M42 11mm extender come with 1600, that’s female M42 interface

  27. :

    Hi Sam

    I need to confirm that EOS- T2 Adapter ring has EOS Female and T2 Male threads? I need to mount Canon 50mm EF 1.4 USM to EOS Female thread and the ring should have T2 Male thread on other side.

    Please confirm

    • Sam Wen


      that’s correct, it’s M42 male thread on the other side

  28. (verified owner):

    Thanks sam for the quick update. I have placed an order for the same on 14-12-2017 and have made the payment. Order no is 8872. I have sent the full order and payment details on e-mail id’s info@zwoptical.com,
    vanessa.zhang@zwoptical.com. Kindly update me on the delivery schedule.

    • Sam Wen


      thank you

  29. (verified owner):

    Hi Sam can you please tell me the length of the eos adapter, thanks.

    • Sean Wang


      length is about 26mm.

  30. (verified owner):

    Hello Sam,

    What is the diameter of the thread between the two adapters (eos and T2)?

  31. :

    Hi Sam, I recently brought ASI290MC. I wanted to know if this works with Canon-100-400L lens?

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