Nikon AI-EOS Adapter


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The steps to attach this adapter to EOS


1.make sure the red spot is on the same side


2.screw it on it


3. attach the lens


The steps to get it off from the EOS down the bar and screw off the lens and AI-EOS adapter from EOS


2. Press down here and screw the lens










Before first usage of this product read manuals and install correct drivers and software.

To support our newest cameras: ASI071 and ASI1600

follow softwares newest version required

SharpCap V2.8.2325 and up

Firecapture V2.5.03 and up





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  1. :

    If this is used with a Nikon lens with a hard stop at infinity, will it be in focus?

    • Sam Wen


      yes, our EOS adapter is back focus adjustable

  2. :

    Hi Sam,

    Just bought the AI-EOS converter together with the T2 to EOS Adaptor for ASI.
    It’s EXTREMELY DIFFICULT to remove the AI-EOS FROM the Nikon Lens!!!

    I know there is a lever on the converter you have to press before unscrewing the lens.

    The space is very tight around the lever so you will have to get a little screw drive so similar to press it down.
    After that is full pressed down, the lens still WON’T COME OFF! (yes turn lens clockwise to take lens off!)
    I spent more than 10minutes to try so many times until the lens finally came off by chance…..
    Just cannot imagine that anyone need to do this in the cold in the dark to change a Nikon lens!!!
    Let alone the potential to damage the Nikon lens when it’s so difficult that one needs to force the lens off the converter!

    I like the ZWO ASI camera and think your company makes excellent products……. except this AI-EOS converter! Its just so disappointing to Nikon users!

    Can’t we have a simple all-in-one ZWO T2 to NIKON Adapter for ASI just like the EOS one?
    A very disappointed customer this time! Wonder if others have the same experience with the AI-EOS or is it just me…..

    Your sincerely,

    • Sam Wen


      thanks for your suggestion Samuel
      yes, it’s very tight and very difficult to remove from Nikon lens
      but this is to make sure all connection is strong enough

      we will take your advice to develop such a T2-NIKON lens adapter
      but Nikon has many type different lens, which one do you think is most popular

  3. :

    typo correction above:
    “The space is very tight around the lever so you will have to get a little screw driver or similar to press it down.”

    Now after detaching and attaching the AI-EOS with the Nikon lens a few more times, they are STUCKED TOGETHER finally.
    No easy way to separate them and it is SO FRUSTRATING!!

    Why does it have to be so annoying just because some ASI camera users want to take wide-field images with Nikon?
    We have to go through this because ZWO is relatively new and better priced? Or go buy a Canon lens if we want to use ZWO camera?

    Can ZWO do something PLEASE?


  4. :

    If ZWO do a proper T2 to Nikon Adapter for ASI even at double the EOS price I would welcome that!

    • Sam Wen


      thanks we will try

  5. :

    Sam Wen wrote:
    “we will take your advice to develop such a T2-NIKON lens adapter
    but Nikon has many type different lens, which one do you think is most popular”

    Hi Sam,

    Thanks for listening. Canon has been the most popular for sure… and Nikon is also getting popular. While we obviously cannot have all brands but the inclusion of at least Nikon users is a good thing to the market.

    After playing with the AI-EOS adapter, I must praise the mechanical tolerance being excellent judging from the tight fit to the EOS bayonet. Its only the internal lever design that causes frustration.

    As a temporary solution, I have had the lever mechanism ALL MOVED so that there is no click-lock anymore. I find it works quite well due to the excellent tolerance mentioned above. Its unlikely that the lens will fall out without the locking. Its just my risk taking and I understand product warranty is void in doing so.

    (I bought a 2nd AI-EOS converter keeping it unmodified, as a backup.)

    Wish you every success with your company!


    • Sam Wen


      yes, the tolerance is very good, this adapter is too thin and no other place to put the lever
      It’s should be good to remove it if the lens is not very heavy

  6. :

    “but Nikon has many type different lens, which one do you think is most popular”


    Nikon F-mount; please see:

    This is also the current Nikon DSLR bayonet mount. Nikon takes the determination in adopting the F-mount so that most Nikkor lenses since 1959 can be used on their new DSLRs. Some automatic functions are disabled of course.

    I think your AI-EOS is already an F-mount. I have tried with a 1980’s AI manual focus lens and also modern AF-D Nikkors they work fine.


    • Sam Wen


      Thanks very much for the info

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