ZWO 1/3″ 2.1mm 150 degree lens


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Product Description

ZWO 1/3″ 2.1mm 150 degree lens

Technical Parameter:

Format support: 1/3″ sensor

Focal length: 2.1mm

Wide angel: 150 degree

Match Model:ASI120mm, ASI120mc, ASI120mm-s, ASI120mc-s, ASI224mc, ASI290mm, ASI290mc

Lens2.1mm Lens2.1mm_side


Before first usage of this product read manuals and install correct drivers and software.

To support our newest cameras: ASI071 and ASI1600

follow softwares newest version required

SharpCap V2.8.2325 and up

Firecapture V2.5.03 and up




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  1. :

    There’s no way of using this on the ASI290?

    • Sam Wen


      ASI290 come with this lens

  2. :

    Does this have a C or CS thread on the back of it?

    I’m interested in using it with my guide cam to inspect my primary & secondary mirror alignment. Guide cam isn’t from zwo :( but has a C thread adaptor with I think 17.5mm back focus. I also have a low profile 2-1.25″ adaptor so it should fit in the draw tube even if the lens and focus knob is wider than 1.25″

    • Sam Wen


      yes, this is CS lens, you need 5mm extender to use it on C mount camera

  3. :

    Oh I forgot to mention I also have a zwo1600mm-c, so if any of your lens can fit on to that and still fit inside the draw tube that would be great, keep it in the family :)

    • Sam Wen


      this lens is only for 1/3″ sensor, 1600’s sensor is too big

  4. :

    minimum focus distance this lens can achieve when properly mounted to a 1/3″ sensor eyepiece camera with the correct spacing?


    • Sam Wen


      this is CS lens
      CS is standard interface
      so if you camera have CS mount, you can mount it

  5. :

    I never got one with my ASI290MM-cool. But I did get one with my ASI120mm, would it still work with the cooled version?

    • Sam Wen


      this is CS lens and won’t work on our cooled cameras
      you need C lens to work with cooled cameras

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