ASI294MC Pro (color)


ASI294MC Pro has much potential, 14bit ADC, 63700e full well, 1.2e read noise, DDR buffer, each feature means a new posibility!


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Product Description

ASI294MC Pro



The ASI294 is the first camera in the world equipped with the latest Sony sensor IMX294CJK.

294MC Pro3

Sony 10.71M-Effective Pixel Color CMOS Image Sensor (official description from Sony site), with a diagonal of 21.63mm (4/3 format). ZWO has refined the sensor and remolded it to increase the diagonal to 23.2mm with approximately 11.71M-Effective pixels (4/3 format).


▶High-Sensitivity Type 4/3 CMOS Image Sensor that Supports 4K for Astronomic Cameras and Industrial Applications

The IMX294CJK sensor is the first in-house image sensor for astronomic cameras to adopt the 4/3 format and provides the necessary number of pixels for true 4k output at 120 frames per second (w/ ADC 10-bit output mode, the ASI294MC can run up to 25fps at 4k format when used with USB 3.0). In addition, the use of larger-sized pixels achieves SNR1s (link this to Sony’s page on SNR1s, so people know what it means) of 0.14 lx* which is very close to the value of the ASI224 (0.13 lx*).

▶Exceptional low-illumination performance

Exceptional low-illumination performance of SNR: 0.14 lx is realized by use of a large-size optical system and by expanding the area per pixel to 4.63 µm. This makes the IMX294CJK ideal for astronomic camera market applications that require low-illumination performance.

DDR Memory Buffer

The ASI294MC Pro camera includes a 256MB DDR3 memory buffer to help improve data transfer reliability. Additionally, the use of a memory buffer minimizes amp-glow, which is caused by the slow transfer speeds when the camera is used with a USB 2.0 port.


DDR memory buffer is the main difference between ASI “Cool” and “Pro” cameras.

14bit ADC w/ 13 stops DR

The ASI294 has a 14bit ADC unit, allowing it to achieve 13 stops of dynamic range. This is an excellent characteristic for deep sky imaging, which is inherently high dynamic range. At 13 stops, the ASI294 has even more dynamic range than the ASI1600.

HCG Mode

HCG (high conversion gain) mode, which reduces read noise to even lower levels at higher gain without loss to dynamic range, is automatically enabled when the gain setting is 120 or higher. Read noise will drop under 2e-, while dynamic range will remain at 13 stops.

294 Gain RN DR FW vs gainFull well Capacity

63700e full well, which is 3 times than ASI1600’s capacity. Even bright stars won’t saturate under long exposure.

This camera can achieve higher SNR(signal to noise ratio) with just one single exposure.

Reliable Mechanics

ASI294MC Pro has same mechanics as ASI1600 Pro. There are four screws that seal the sensor chamber. Our camera design has been extensively tested and is very stable.

Even when used in higher humidity environments, ASI294MC Pro will still work fine without dew problems.


High QE

The IMX294 sensor is a BSI (backside illuminated type) sensor, which has very high QE (quantum efficiency, which we estimate is over 75% peak).


Dark Current

The dark current of the ASI294 is slightly higher than the ASI1600, based on our test results.

Dark frame sample @ Highest dynamic range settings, 300s, -10°C, bin1. Please check the dark frame to make sure you fully know the performance.

ASI294MC Pro Dark Frame



USB 3.0 Port & USB2.0 HUB

USB 3.0 Port: Provide 5Gb bandwidth to make it possible for ASI294 Pro to run at 16 fps (14bit, normal mode) or 19 fps (10bit, high speed mode)  at full resolution(11.7Mega).

Recommended cooler power supply: 12V @ 3-5A (or more) DC adapter (2.1×5.5mm, center pole positive). Also suitable: DC battery with 9-15V.

Using a battery 9-15V is also suitable for the cooler power supply.

USB 2.0 HUB: can connect with various accessories, such as filter wheel, guide camera and electronic focuser, so you can better manage your cables. The ASI294 Pro includes two short 0.5m USB 2.0 cables. The integrated USB 2.0 hub is powered by the external power source if you connect one.

Cooling System

The ASI294 Pro has a 2-stage TEC cooling system that enables deep cooling (35°C-40°C below ambient). The cooler requires an external power supply, which is not included with the camera. You may order a suitable power supply from here.

Connecting Drawing


1. M43-T2 adapter (optional)

2. EOS-T2 adapter (optional)

3. 2” Filter (optional)

4. 1.25” T-Mount

5. 1.25” Filter (optional)

6. M42-1.25” adapter

7. T2 extender 11mm

Mechanical Drawing


What is in the box?

ASI294 Pro box includes all necessary cables, adapters, and manuals.

294MC-Pro pakage list

Notice:Cooled cameras need a 12v power adapter, If you don’t have one, please click this link to buy a 12V power adapter. There are 4 different standards for the different country, please choose it carefully.

Drivers and Softwares:

Our website has newest camera drivers and many DSO and Planetary capture software. Please make sure the newest driver and software has been installed before you start shooting:

Product review:


Camera technical details

Sensor: 4/3″ SONY IMX294 CMOS
Diagonal: 23.2mm
Resolution: 11.7Mega Pixels 4144X2822
Pixel Size: 4.63µm
Bayer Pattern: RGGB
Shutter:Rolling shutter
Exposure Range: 32µs-2000s
ROI: Supported
Read Noise: 1.2e @39db gain
QE peak: TBD
Full well: 63.7ke
DDRIII Buffer: 256MB
Interface: USB3.0/USB2.0
Adaptor: M42X0.75
Protect window:AR window
Dimensions: 78mm Diameter
Weight: 410g
Back Focus Distance: 6.5mm
Cooling: Regulated Two Stage TEC
Delta T: 35°C-40°C below ambient
Camera Power consumption: 650mA at 5V
Cooler Power consumption: 12V at 3A Max
Working Temperature: -5°C—45°C
Storage Temperature: -20°C—60°C
Working Relative Humidity: 20%—80%
Storage Relative Humidity: 20%—95%
Max FPS at full resolution:
10Bit ADC
4144×2822 19fps
14bit ADC
4144×2822 16fps
more resolutions are in software, support customize resolution.


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Warranty and Return Policy

  • We provide 2-year warranty for our products, we will offer the repair service for free or replace for free if the camera doesn’t work within warranty period. After the warranty period, we will continue to provide repair support and service on a charged basis.
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Before first usage of this product read manuals and install correct drivers and software.

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  1. :

    Can you include a 300s dark frame at unit gain please?

    • Sam Wen


      just uploaded one 300s exposure

  2. :

    Will there be a mono version of this camera?

    • Sean Wang


      We hope Sony will provide mono sensor of 294 too:)

    • Sam Wen


      no, SONY only produce color version

  3. :

    Do I need something if I wanna plug it in a M48 focuser with 55 backfocus.
    A friend of mine sent back an ASI071 that had an issue with mist. Is this version include the amp correction ?


    • Sean Wang


      I think there will not need other things to get 55 backfocus. We provide enough extenders.
      We did everything we could to reduce amp-glow. I think this version is the best that we producting.

    • Sam Wen


      just upload one dark frame, please check
      the dark current of 071 is better than 294
      so 071 is more suitable for very long exposure
      you don’t need extra adapter to mount on M48 focuser with 55 back focus

  4. :

    I have some issue with paypal and wanted to use aliexpress, but some items aren’t available there like this camera and AC tp DC adapter. Can you please update aliexpress web site.

    • Sam Wen


      we will upload to Aliexpress soon

  5. :

    What is the total backfocus with the 1.25″ adapter? (I.e. distance from the “shoulder” of the 1.25″ nose piece to the CMOS surface)

    • Sam Wen


      the height of 1.25″ adapter is 24mm, so total 24+17.5=41.5mm

  6. :

    How is it compared to the 1600MCC on dso?

    • Sam Wen


      1600 is better for long exposure than 294 as the dark current is lower

  7. :

    Does the camera have any anti-dew feature?

    • Sam Wen


      yes, because the heater from the cooler will heat the cover glass

  8. :

    Hi, I want to buy a new ASI camera for my telecopes, but I’m not sure which color camera is the best for me. I use a C11 with hyperstar and an APO refractor with 900 mm focal length. And I compare the cameras ASI 294/071/1600 currently. I want to use the camera with long exposures till 300 sec. If the full-well capacity is the most important value the ASI 294 would be the best choice. If the dark frames quality is more important, than ASI 071. If the pixel size is relevant the ASI 1600 should be interesting. What would be your proposal?

    • Sam Wen


      you even know it better than us 😉
      if pick up only one, maybe the largest: ASI071 Pro

  9. :

    I want to buy the ZWO294Cool…. but it Out of stock!… when will it be available?

    • Sam Wen


      it is going to be in stock again next week

  10. :

    with max. 30″ exposure (with a fast hyperstar system)…. is it necessary to have a cooled camera? (my option: ASI294 cool or not cool)

    • Sam Wen


      cool is always useful for exposure longer than some seconds
      the dark current is nearly 10X different
      it’s 0.5e at 25C and 0.05e at -5C, so 30s dark noise is 30*0.5=15e and 1.5e
      so uncooled one is good in winter but not good in summer

  11. :

    Is it possible to write a lower resolution, but 24 frames per second or 30?

    • Sam Wen


      yes, you can set the ROI area and get a fast fps

  12. :

    Good evening,
    Can we connect the asi 294 cool pro on the optical splitter (ZWO oag) imaging
    Thank you

    • Sean Wang


      Yes, You can.

  13. :

    The max gain in ASCOM is 350, but Sharpcap or FireCaputure is 570. What is the difference?

    • Sean Wang


      Over 350, it will be Diginal gain, will not improve the signal, but will keep target much brighter.

  14. :

    What is the consumption in A for different cooling temperatures – Graf?

  15. :

    Is the body sealed? I want to replace the protective AR filter with IR cutter. Is this doable or is this a stupid idea?

    • Sean Wang


      Yes, it is sealed. can’t replace the window, only way is add a filter in front of camera.

  16. :

    Would this be a good camera for Fluorescence microscopy? Or do you suggest a different model? thanks.

    • Sean Wang


      We think this camera is good for microscopes. I don’t konw what adapters your microscope have. 294pro provide 1.25″/m42/2″ output adapter.

  17. :

    Hello Todd
    I am so glad that I found someone who wants to use an astronomy camera for microscopy. Did you figure out which software you want to use with a ASI camera? I bought this camera for microscopy and I am having a hard time to make this work with microManager 1.4. Also do you have any reason to use a color camera instead of a monochrome camera for fluorescence microscopy?

    • Sean Wang


      Hi Chung
      I already solve how to use our camera with the micromanager 1.4. Check my latest emails.

  18. :

    I just looked at the dark frame of the 294 camera ….what is the bright glow on top right and lower right of the image ?

    • Sean Wang


      It’s a electronic unit near the pixels, working and heat itself. it emit Infrared ray cause the amp-glow. It can explain all amp-glow behavior.

  19. :

    Why is the dark current chart only at -10 ° C. Could it be expanded to -20 ° C as with Asi1600MC? Use a lower ambient temperature.

    • Sean Wang


      Yes, this is a very good question. We will measure the dark current again and update the curve soon.

  20. :

    Is this camera good for planetary imaging?

    • Sean Wang


      No, this one is not design for planetary imaging. I recommand 224mc 290mm/mc 385mc for planetary imaging.

  21. :

    Hi there,

    I am interested in lucky imaging due to heavy light pollution and limited time. So far, I am quite happy imaging DSOs with many short exposures of between 10 to 20 seconds and stacking them with the usual dark, flat and bias frames. These are the equipment that I currently use;

    – WO GT71 with 0.8 focal reducer
    – Celestron C6 with 0.63 focal reducer
    – SW AZ-EQ5 mount
    – Olympus OM-D E-M1
    – ASI178MC
    – Astronomik CLS filter (depending on which part of the sky I am imaging)

    May I know which OSC camera will be better suited for lucky imaging and/or short exposure like what I am currently doing, ASI294MC Pro or ASI183MC Pro?

    Thanks in advance.

    • Sean Wang


      Hi Paul. It’s hard for me to recommand the best one between ASI294PRO and ASI183PRO,294 have HCG mode, you can get same big dynamic range at gain120. Maybe this one is better for lucky imaging.

  22. :

    I would like to know if the 294MC PRO is well suited for my 200/1000 telescope.

    • Sean Wang


      Yes, it is. You can use it on your telescope.

  23. :

    Is it possible to remove the flash in software – a special driver?

    • Sean Wang


      Do you mean the amp-glow? No, it’s can’t be done.

  24. :

    Hi Sam
    I just bought the camera and it is on the way from the dealer. However, while I am waiting for it, I read several forums stating that the camera has problems with red and green casts at the edge of the frame due to amp glow since the cold finger can’t cool down the entire sensor. So the camera works better at high gain and very short exposures (less than 2 min). Does it still the same? I am afraid that I could not go deeper into the small faint objects with that type of short exposures. Would you recommend to go to the ASI 1600 MC insted? I already have the mono version that I use exclusively for narrow band and works wonderful. Thank you

    • Sean Wang


      Hi Rodrigo, I reply about it in emails. I quote at here for other customers:
      We have some suggestion about use ASI294MC Pro:
      1. take calibrate frames(dark/bias) in same night after you finished all light frames, same or similar environment temp will keep better consistancy. If take dark in another day, please make sure the environment temp is not too much higher.
      2. Don’t let the cooling power reach 90%-100%, we think about 50%-75% will be a wise choice, which means don’t turn the target temp too low than ambient temp.
      3. Preprocessing in Pixinsight will be a good choice, pixinsight have many useful parameters and algorithm to calibrate and stack the images quite well.
      I think in the post, Andy finally took some great pictures. It’s some tricks in every cameras, I think everybody need some time to know about their camera then use it well.

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