When talking about the log submitting, many ASIAIR users may be very distressed that they cannot get a timely response after they submit the log. Is the feedback being seen by the ASIAIR devs? And are they working on this issue or not?

Such questions will no longer bother you in the ASIAIR 2.0 version. Now every time you submit a log, you can check its progress of how it is being processed in the ZWO Bug Tracker with ease.


The Bug Tracker can be found on the top right corner your ASIAIR community profile. Click “Bug Report”, you’ll see all the logs you’ve submitted before and the problem-solving progress. All logs can be divided into four categories: Unassigned, Signed & Unsolved, Resolved and Closed.



The log you submitted yet still not being assigned will be included in this category.

Signed & Unsolved

It might take some time for your problem to be assigned to some developer in the ASIAIR team. What you need to do is to wait patiently. You may leave some messages to the developer in this period and talk more about the problem you are currently having. The more information you supplied, the better the developer can find out the root of the problem so that they can help you in a more rapid manner.



So yeah, the logs in this category are the ones that have been resolved.



This category allows you to manage all the logs & problems in a better way. You can put all the history problems that have already been solved and the ones you think not very urgent in this category. And if you want, you can also restore the closed problems in any time.


Update reminder

Once your problem gets solved or replied by some developer, you’ll see a red dot on the “Bug Tracker” frame on your profile. Hit it to view the progress how your problem is being solved. Pretty easy, right?



Now don’t worry about not getting response from our devs. ZWO is working hard to provide you better usage experience and after-sales service. You are always welcome to share with your feedback and suggestions – we are all ears!

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    Comment *I am having trouble attaching a screen shot (photograph) to my Bug Report. I Tap the up load area, select Photo Library, then select the photo and tap ADD. But it does not make the transfer….. what am I doing wrong…. Im using an iPad


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    Cannot upload screenshot of AsiAir mini with Bug Report


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    When will be available the AsiAir Plus user manual in pdf format??




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