How to connect ASI6200MM Pro, 2″ EFW and M68 OAG to get the best back-focus-length-solution of 55mm?

Basically it’s like what the diagram showed below:

ASI6200MM Pro camera (12.5mm)+ 2”EFW(20mm)+ M68 OAG(17.5mm)+ sensor tilt adapter(5mm)=55mm


And here are the detailed steps:

1) Disassemble the 5mm sensor tilt adapter on the main camera with the help of a screwdriver:

connect ASI6200 with 2inch EFW-1

2) Remove the back cover of EFW:

connect ASI6200 with 2inch EFW-2

3) Disassemble the filter wheel carousel (Note: Please do not disassemble or move the central screw of this carousel, otherwise the EFW will be damaged):

connect ASI6200 with 2inch EFW-3

4) Align the four screw holes of EFW with these in the four corners of the camera chip as shown below:

NO.5 对准EFW与主相机接口位置

5) Tighten the screws at the interface between the EFW and the main camera:

connect ASI6200 with 2inch EFW-5

6) Install the filter wheel carousel:

connect ASI6200 with 2inch EFW-6

7) Fix the M68 OAG to the back cover of EFW(Note: You may reposition the prism to make sure it would not block the sensor):

connect ASI6200 with 2inch EFW-7

8) Fix the 5mm sensor tilt adapter to this M68 OAG:

connect ASI6200 with 2inch EFW-8

9) Attach the back cover of EFW to the front cover:

connect ASI6200 with 2inch EFW-9

10) Installation completed.

connect ASI6200 with 2inch EFW-10


Note: Please make sure the prism does not block the sensor or your telescope.

Adjust the focal length of a guide camera by using the guide knob.

Would be better if you finish the above steps during daytime, as it is very difficult to adjust it accurately at night.

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    Does this filter wheel have adapters to connect to other cameras, such as a DSLR?




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