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There is no denying that ASI1600MM cooled camera is a milestone in astrophotography history. Form 2016-2017, ASI1600 Cooled camera upgrade 3 times.

ASI1600MM-Cool Version1(right) VS. ASI1600MM-Cool Version2(left):


ASI1600MM-Cool Version2(left) VS. ASI1600MM-Cool Version3(right):


Every time we make a big progress to improve 1600 performance, but it is not enough. As we said, ZWO is professinal Cmos camera designer and manufactor. We never stop our steps.

Now, 1600 has ushered in a new era, “Pro” series will let ZWO’s new superstar!

New ASI1600MM Pro:

1600MM Pro3 1600MM Pro2 1600MM Pro4

New PCB Board and DDRIII Memory Buffer

ASI1600MM Pro camera upgrade PCB board, includes one 256MB DDRIII memory buffer to help data transfer more stable and no amp-glow issue which is caused by the slow speed data transfer during reading out under USB2.0 Port.


Product Link:

ASI1600MM Pro


ASI1600MC Pro


ASI1600MM Pro Mini Kits


ASI1600MM Pro Kits


22 Responses to Evolution History of ASI1600 Cameras
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    Hi guys. What is the difference between v1, v2 and v3 internally?


  2. Avatar

    Hi, I’m just about to get the 1600MM Coled (V3), is there any issues i should look out for? Is it worth only using the USB3.0 to connect the camera to my computer and not use the cameras integrated usb2.0 hub at all?


    • Sean Wang

      Hi Duncan
      I think you misunderstand USB HUB on camera. USB HUB is connecting to other accessories, the signal will through USB3.0 port transmit to computer. The hub can’t connect to computer.


  3. Avatar

    Hi Sam
    I have the V3, is it worth the upgrade to the Pro version if I work only with USB3? What is the main difference between the two? only the buffer?
    If I connect my guider to the Hub of the camera, would it create more amp glow?

    Thank you



    • Sean Wang

      Yes, 1600 V3 and Pro only have one difference- DDR buffer. If you need use a HUB, make sure you use a USB3.0 HUB.


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    Mine has the back of version one and the Pro but the front of version 2 and the Pro..but no Pro stamp, according to these pics


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    I’ve been using the version 2 and it’s a great camera. Has the version PRO a heating system for the front glass that covers the sensor? In my area temperatures rise below zero usually and I’ve had ice issues with the 1600 Version2. Thanks i advance,



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    I have had the ASI1600MM-Cool for a few months now, and for the most part it is an amazing value for the price point. I do have one issue that drives me crazy about the camera though. It appears to suffer from microlens diffraction patterns on moderately bright to bright stars. It is thought this could be caused by a lack of AR coating on the sensor protective glass itself (not the optical window). Is this a known issue with the camera? Has this issue been fixed and I got an older v3 camera? Assuming the pro version uses the same panasonic sensor, I would imagine the issue would be exactly the same then. A good example of the issue can be seen here: http://i.imgur.com/JHMp01i.png


  7. Avatar


    I am considering ASI1600MC Pro or ASI294MC Pro for video observing (NRTV or EAA). I also plan to use the same camera for bright field imaging with a microscope. Can you advise which camera would be more suitable for my applications?



  8. Avatar

    So my ASI1600 Cool which I recently bought and have not even tried is the un-professional version with amp glow issues? Great! Any chance of an upgrade service?




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