Since its release in 2018, the ASIAIR has been very well received. One of the things people enjoy the most is the GOTO accuracy. As long as your equatorial mount is one of the many that is supported then you to will have simple and accurate GOTO.

As one of the most popular mount brand in the world, SkyWatcher mount is widely used with ASIAIR. But how to connect these 2 devices?


There are two ways to connect your SkyWatcher mount to the ASIAIR.

1. Connect via serial port.

Connect the RJ – RJ232 (supplied with the mount) to the hand controller and the RS232 – USB cable supplied with the ASIAIR. This method does not require the purchase of any extra cables. In the ASIAIR App select SynScan when choosing your mount.

The EQ8 and other newer mounts do not require an adapter but can instead be connect via the hand controller straight to the ASIAIR with the cable supplied with mount.

ASIAIR_SkyWatcher_Mount_Connecting_22. Connect via EQMOD.

If you prefer, you can connect from the SkyWatcher mount, straight into the ASIAIR, bypassing the hand controller. To use EQMOD, you need to purchase a third party, EQMOD dedicated cable. Another advantage to using EQMOD is you can skip the star alignment and go straight into plate solving.


In the ASIAIR App, select EQMOD when choosing your mount.


And how to connect SkyWatcher AZ-GTi Mount with ASIAIR?

The AZ-GTi is a great portable mount and works with the ASIAIR via not just EQMOD but also wireless EQMOD.


You can check the whole tutorial here for how to connect SkyWatcher AZ-GTi Mount with ASIAIR:

10 Responses to How to Connect ASIAIR to Your SkyWatcher Mount?
  1. Avatar

    This thing is amazing. The new update that allows you to use your home network has been very welcome. I can now manage everything from indoors.

    Can’t wait for the asi air pro!


  2. Avatar

    This looks like a very good solution.
    Am considering the ASIAIR PRO
    Can you confirm that this will control a Celestron CGEM mount?




  3. Avatar

    1. where can I buy the EQMOD cable for HEQ5 mount and skywatcher mount?
    2. I want to order the new version of ASIair pro
    3. where can i install the android version of ASIair app? what is the minimum spec. requirement?


    • Avatar

      1. You may check it online, like Amazon.
      2. It is expected to be available around March due to the coronavirus, we have to work at home and delay our delivery, but you can order it now.
      3. From Appstore and Play store, for more info, pleas click


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    Can ASIAIR work with AZ-GTi in alt-az mode (for plate solving only, not tracking) or it requires the equatorial wedge? Thanks!


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    My mount is SkyWatcherEQ5 goto. I connedt EQ5 to ASIAIR via EQMOD.
    I tried to use SkySafari while connecting mount via EQOD, but I can’t.
    Please tell me How to use SkySafari while connenting mount via EQMOD.




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