we always got feedback from the customer that the camera cannot cool to the advertised temperature

Here may be the reason the camera cannot cool so much

  1. Misunderstanding: 30 delta degree means 30 degrees below ambient instead of -30 C
  2. Make sure you plug in the 12V DC power supply and the LED is on which mean there is power.
  3. Make sure the 12v power supply can provide enough power for cooler, we recommend 12V @3A and up, such as 12V@5A is ok too.
  4. The sensor emits more heat when run video streaming mode, so cooler cannot cool it so deeply, you can cool it deeper with long exposure mode.
  5. The cooler runs effectively in summer than winter, so if it’s already 0 degree, the camera maybe can only cool to -20 degrees.
  6. If you use ASI071, ASI094, or ASI128 cameras, you can turn off the anti-dew function to maximize cooling capability.



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    Would you recommend to turn on the anti-dew option in the native driver for ASI 2600mm and 6200mm ?

    Thanks for reply and all the best.




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