The EAF focuser can be used for deep sky astrophotography and for planetary/lunar imaging and supports focusing using both manual and autofocus modes.

For deep sky photography, the user may use either manual or software autofocusing, while planetary photographers may only use manual focusing at this time.

Let’s take a look at how you can use your EAF to improve your telescope focusing.


Manual focus using EAF

There are two ways to focus manually:

Mode 1 allows you to focus using the hand paddle available as part of the advanced EAF kit or purchased as an optional extra if own the standard kit. Plugging the hand paddle into the EAF allows you to control the position and speed of the focus motor manually using the paddle buttons.

Mode 2 allows you to focus using your favourite capture software. The tools used in both modes are different, but the methods are exactly the same.

Taking the ASICAP capture software and ASIAIR controller as examples; this document describes how to achieve focus using your EAF.

When attempting to setup your EAF for the first time we strongly recommended that you do this in the daylight and with telescope aimed at a distant building or structure such as a TV antenna or radio mast. This will allow you to easily find the right position and ensure you are in a good position to achieve focus when venturing under the stars at night.

Once you have achieved a good focus in the daylight you should record the stepper position and then when using the telescope in the dark at night, you can go directly to the last focus position you recorded above and continue with the instructions below.

ASICAP manual focus

Step 1: Finding a rough focus position


Step 2: Fine-tuning your focus position


Step 3: Focus achieved – success!


Step 4: After shooting, the EAF returns to zero position.ASICAP_manual_focus_4

ASIAIR Manual Focus

Step 1: Finding a rough focus position


Step 2: Fine-tuning the focus position


Step 3: Focus Achieved – Success!


Step 4: After shooting, the EAF returns to zero position.


The manual focus capability of your EAF improves the speed and accuracy of trying to achieve that perfect focus. This is really helpful when doing planetary or lunar photography. For deep sky astrophotography a similar method as shown above can be used, but you can also use a software driven autofocus method which is generally quicker and more accurate than using the hand paddle methods.

8 Responses to How to Use Manual focusing with EAF
  1. Avatar

    Just bought the ZWO EAF Advanced… drivers installed and I am able to control it…l BUT:

    How do I use the hand paddle controller… it is not responding, I doubt it is defective, more like operator error… I tried connected and disconnected with my software, SGP… but no luck.., any suggestions?


    • Avatar

      Please confirm the EAF hand controller cable is connected tightly, maybe the cable was not inserted to the socket fully.


  2. Avatar

    I find it extremely annoying that you cannot focus manually by hand when the EAF is installed. Sometimes I just use my scope visually on a manual Alt-Az mount w/o being connected to power or a PC.
    There are motor focusers which allow you to still focus manually. Why not this one? 😒


  3. Avatar

    If the zero point is set to 0 and you want to move the focuser inward further than the set zero point… you can’t. Resetting the device, uninstalling drivers etc will not reset and allow the zero point to be made at a different location!!


  4. Avatar


    how it works the auto focus via ASIAIR software? Do you have any user manual for this point?

    Thanks for your Information!

    Andreas Corente




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