EAF Electronic Automatic Focuser is the latest innovation from the engineers at ZWO. We believe that it will greatly help with astrophotography. It not only supports various computer software in the market, with the cooperation of ASIAIR, it also enables precise and wireless focus control through the phone for planetary and deep-sky imaging. Here is […]

Why Do I Need to Guide?   It is near impossible to do deep space photography without doing long exposures. To do long exposures and not get star trails, you will need to guide. So, what do you need to start doing deep sky photography? Let’s look.   Guiding The gear you need specifically to […]

ASI Planet Camera Guide We have all seen incredible images of the planets online and in books and wanted to see them for ourselves. With ZWO, you can see the rings of Saturn and the great red spot on Jupiter.  ZWO is committed to providing high-quality astronomical cameras at an affordable price to enthusiasts around […]


ZWO, the worldwide leading supplier of astrophotography equipment, published the ASIAIR 1.0.7 version. As a revolutionary product in DSO astrophotography, ASIAIR has been received popular recognition and highly praised by users since its release. Listening to our customer’s feedback and continuously improving the user experience is the philosophy that ZWO has always insisted on. Since […]