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Description: Field tilt problems usually happen in imaging.  Optical axis, flattener lens, adapters, and sensor tilt are all causes of field tilt in images. This post is to help diagnose which issue is causing your field tilt problem.

What do I setup to test?

Your imaging setup is connected to the computer and there are many stars in the field of view.

Q: How do Itest if a tilt problem is caused by my telescope or by my camera

A: Take an image with your camera then rotate the camera 180 degrees (the telescope telescope doesn’t move). Thentake another image of the same field of view.

Analyze the images with software, such as CCDInspector 2.5.3.


If the field has an identical pattern after rotation, then the camera has a tilt problem.

sensor tilt

If the field has the same problem, but it has rotated 180 degrees, the telescope has a tilt problem.

optics tilt


Q: How to make sure tilt problem caused by adapters


  1. Remove suspect adapters, connect the camera directly to the telescope.
  2. Try another adapter.
  3. Take another set of images to test if the problem is gone


Q: I use a field flattener or a flattener/reducer, but I see coma in the corner of image.


  1. Usually this is caused by incorrect back focus (spacing between the reducer and camera sensor). Use suitable adapters make sure your camera is at critical  back focus for that flattener or reducer.
  2. Your image circle for that flattener or reducer is smaller than the camera sensor.



10 Responses to Reason of Field Tilt problems and how to solve it
  1. Avatar

    Im new to astro photography and recently bought asi071mc pro. Please let me know where you mentioned the solution for tilt problem and if there is no tilt picture will look like? Or ccd inspector will tell that there is no problem?


  2. Avatar

    What is the recommended method for fixing if it’s determined the camera has the problem. I have the tilt device for my ASI1600mm-c but I don’t have enough backfocus to use it.


  3. Avatar

    It is correct. If sensor is tilted, when rotated 180 degree, two thing happens: Tilt direction (180) and sensor direction (180 degree). These two factor will neutralize each other. However, when optic is tilted, rotation of camera only changes the sensor direction and tilt is in the same place, thus field will be rotated 180 degree.


  4. Avatar

    that just doesn’t make sense, if the sensor itself is tilted then the out of focus corner should rotate with the camera rotation !!


    • Avatar

      If the upper right corner is the out of focus corner, after the camera rotation, the upper right corner is still out of focus. The out of focus corner will not affect by the camera roatation.


  5. Avatar

    are you sure you don’t have this backwards ??

    if it is sensor tilt the out of focus corner should rotate with the camera rotation right ?




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