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In this astrophotography video I try out the new ZWO ASI071 MC-COOL Camera. This is my first venture into astrophotgraphy using a CCD-style camera. The ASI071 is a one shot color (OSC) astronomy camera that uses a 16MP CMOS Sensor.

I try out Sequence Generator Pro (SGP) for the first time and begin learning how to use the new software required to run this camera.

My deep-sky imaging target for the night are the M81 and M82 galaxies in Ursa Major. These two galaxies fit within the same field of view my many wide-field astrophotography telescope configurations.

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    Good day;

    I am a planetary person: I note that most appear to be deep-sky people.
    To each their own – right.

    I’m looking for the best color ccd camera for planets and the moon. (a color camera)

    I’m also looking for the best color video camera I can find – for the planets and the moon.

    Would you please make a suggestion for me please – a recommendation for video and for photos – please see above 2 questions.

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