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This is my new ZWO 8-position electronic filter Wheel (EFW). This filter wheel supports the 1.25″/31mm size. I bought this because I was tired of having to swap out broadband and narrowband filters when I used the 5 position filter wheel. An EFW is a must for astrophotography.

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    I need to understand how to use the 10 screws and the 3-hole shims. These seem to be intended to screw 1 shim for each of the 8 filter positions. The added benefit is that the holes would then be covered. Otherwise without the screws in place, the holes create a light leak. But the shims get in the way of the filter to be screwed into place. It seems that the WHOLE WHEEL should have been flipped 180 degrees so that the shims would be flush against the plate and that way the filter would be able to screw into place. I should send you a picture so you will better understand what I am trying to describe.

    There is also an additional hole above each of the 8 positions, which is not explained, and it also introduces a light leak.

    The number of light leaks is really bad, so it would be very helpful if you described somewhere what all the accessories are and how they need to be installed. The quality of the product I got so far is very low when it does not include a clear explanation of how to set everything up properly.




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