Applicable Product(s) : For All ASI Cameras

Description: When you use ASI camera for the first time, you may bump into some problems, this post will help you get familiar with your camera ASAP.

What should I prepare?

  1. Install ASI Camera drivers :
  2. Install latest capture softwares :


Because the driver was not installed properly. Try to install the driver again. You may need to stop any anti-virus software to run the installer program.

(NOTE: Make sure you download the driver from the ZWO official web site or from the CD-ROM to prevent any malware problem!)

4Please update the driver manually if re-installation doesn’t work.


Right click the “Unknown device”, choose the “Update Driver Software…”option and choose the driver directory. Normally, the driver directory is under:

C:\Program Files (x86)\ZWO Design\ZWO_USB_Cameras_driver\


2 Responses to Why does “Unknown device” show in the device manager after connecting the camera?
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    Buenas tardes mi pc. Si detecta la cámara ASI 120 MC pero me dice que ese dispositivo no se puede conectar “Codigo 10” faltan recursos de sistema, lo más extraño es que mi cámara ASI 183 MC PRO trabaja sin problema, no encuentro la solución, muchas gracias.


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      120MC is an very old camera and it may have some problem when matching with some new computers.
      You can try to refresh the firmware of ASI120MC to make it compatible with the new computer
      We recommend you use a computer that can recognize the camera and use a USB2.0 cable to connect the camera, then upgrade the firmware with this tool.




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