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Description: When you use ASI camera for the first time, you may bump into some problems, this post will help you get familiar with your camera ASAP.

What should I prepare for imaging?

  1. Install ASI Camera drivers :
  2. Install latest capture softwares :


  1. Please try to slow down the capture speed by reducing the “USB Traffic”. Also try to connect the camera to your PC directly without a USB hub or extender if reducing “USB Traffic” still does not work.
  2. Use another USB cable and try again.
  3. Use another USB port of the computer and try again.
  4. Use another computer and try again.




8 Responses to Why the preview screen is black and the fps is “0”?
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    I have the ASI 120 and I also get a black screen in ASIImg even though ASICap works fine. I downloaded all the recommended drivers and I’ve tried every exposure setting possible. What can I do about this?

    Thanks in advance


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    When I use ASICap planetary imaging mode the camera works. When I use ASLIImg deep sky imaging the screen is completely black even during the day. Why can’t I get deep sky imaging to work? I have a MacBook Pro that doesn’t have USB port so I use an adapter. And the ASI533 and Celestron se8.


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    I just got an ASI533MC Pro and I see this issue. I can get an image with ASI CAP but when I run ASI IMG or SharpCap I get nothing but the black screen… I have the latest USB 3.0 drivers in my PC which is a Dell XPS 15 9570 just over a year old.


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      How much does the exposure is set? ASICAP has preview mode and it can display image, but ASIIMG needs long exposure and needs exposure manually. You can share us the problem with screenshots or video, please send an email to to elaborate the problem.


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    Get black screen with ZWO ASI 178MM camera on my iMac and also on my Windows PC. Tried all things that are recommended without any result. Same camera works fine on my Macbook Pro. What is the problem?




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